Is That a Song in Your Bowl?

Is That a Song in Your Bowl?

Beloved Friend,

When I play piano, I imagine giving a performance. I wear a long, dark gown, and the piano is a Fazioli F228. The venue is a dark, friendly place called the Prohibition Lounge on 5th Avenue in San Diego. I play Bach’s Solfeggietto in C Minor. And throughout the duration of the song, my hair is in flames. Though I am on fire, I play the song to the end without a flaw. And when I rise from the piano bench after the performance, I face the only two members of the audience, my two daughters — I bow. When (and if) they express their approval of my performance, the flame in my hair blows out instantly and my hair returns to sitting piled atop my head in a tidy bun that remains undisturbed by the flame that had danced in my hair moments before.

But since performing classical piano in a Blues nightclub while my hair is on fire is not in the cards for me, not in my destiny — except in my imagination — I will need to do the next best thing.

I am collaborating with my friend Heather Mezey. She will play crystal singing bowls to support a special meditation experience that we will offer at Cosmic Flow Yoga on August 25, 2019. The workshop is called Absorption Into Crystal Being.

Here is my humble attempt at a promotional teaser for the event… Oh, well, I admit, this is far less a promotional teaser and more of an actual excersice for your auditory imagination that you can engage in any moment.

What if you took some time now to imagine hearing the echoes of crystal singing bowls in common everyday household sounds?

  1. You hear the primal ring of crystal singing bowls in the bubbles rising out of your dirty-dish-filled kitchen sink.
  2. You hear angelic weeping of crystal singing bowls when your daughter towel dries her fresh-washed hair.
  3. You hear the slow-hum pillow talk of the crystal singing bowls when you fold laundry.
  4. You hear the msytical laughter of the crystal singing bowls in your dog’s sniffing at the rosemary bush before he lifts his leg to pee.
  5. You hear the soul song of the crystal singing bowls in your every inhale and exhale as you also hear the sweet longing of the singing bowls in your celestial heart beat.

For a while now, I have enjoyed exercising my auditory imagination in these five ways and countless more. Over time, hearing phantom crystal bowls ringing over all dimensions and situations in my life has filled me with this prayer:

May intimacy with the subtle layers — or celestial layers — of your being, your Crystal Geometric Consciousness, encourage you to see that whatever burden you carry is merely a denser form of your inner play of light and dark. And light and dark weigh nothing! All it takes to transform all that you thought of as your burden into all you can regard as your boon is to be Absorbed In the Crystal Being. It involves taking a care-free plunge into the Goddess’s fathomless Pool of Nectar.

Friend, what do you say we meet each other beyond the physical realm? What would you say if I asked you to appear at the Celestial Ball that is now taking place at the Heart Center of the Crystal Matrix? Would you reject me if I invited you to dance?

Sublime tenderness echoes throughout the expanse of the Heart Center of the Crystal Matrix. This is about brainwaves dancing with binaural beats. But beyond brainwaves, there are dream waves. Beyond dream waves, there are vibe waves. Beyond vibe waves, there are intergalactic waves. Beyond the intergalactic waves, there are zero waves. Beyond zero waves, there is One!

Yes, there are songs in your bowls! There are songs in my bowls. The bowls I am referring to here are not your food bowls. These bowls are within you. You have a song in your head bowl, your heart bowl, your eye bowls, your ear bowls. Hell, you even have a crystal song ringing in your butt bowl and your ass bowl. The sounds layer one upon the other creating glorious resonance that is your life.

This is the way I listen to you; this is the way I hear you, anyway. I keep a sharp ear out to listen to you with my supernatural hearing that can penetrate to hear the real You within you. I can hear the crystal bowls within you. Dear One, to me, your internal crystal song sounds so sublime.

And to that sound that is You within you, I offer infinite pranams. I bow to the divine sound within you.

I hope to share this meditative experience with you at 1:00 PM at Cosmic Flow Yoga on August 25, 2019.


Yogi Ma    

With Yogi Bhajan

From the Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings

Now, here I am dwelling in infinite gratitude for this video of a classic moment with Yogi Bhajan. I don’t know when or where the live class took place, but I am glad to be with that mystery. I am now alone, in my home, practicing this kriya today with this video. This experience helped me to overcome severe neck pain.

Yesterday, for no apparent reason, I suddenly felt severe neck pain. So, I visited a local chiropractor as a new patient, hoping to receive one simple walk-in adjustment. I am certain all I needed is one adjustment as this has happened before. I get neck pain, get one adjustment, then practice Sat Kriya, and I’m okay again. But this chiropractor insisted that I needed a year’s worth of treatments and I should pay him $1700 up front. My own past experience has informed me that I simple need one quick adjustment to relieve the current pain I am experiencing. Could he give me one adjustment, and I pay him fairly for one adjustment? Then, I explained, I can more comfortably practice a yoga kriya that would send me on my way to self-initiated and self-directed spinal health. I explained this to him.

The chiropractor refused to help me on these terms.

I may have exited his office with the pain in my neck, but my personal power was still in tact. The way I felt, the chiropractor wanted to take advantage of my vulnerability. He spoke to me in a patronizing way and wanted to extract money from me when I was in severe pain.

So, I turn to yoga. Though I the physical body was enduring more pain than I would wish, I remembered the name, Sat Naam! My pain is not 100% relieved yet, but I will commit to a vitalizing yoga routine, and I am sure that with time the issue will work its way through the layers of existence and there will be healing.

Behold, the healing!

I am being reminded that this body may be finite, but through connecting to Sacred Space and Infinite Silence, I can observe the connection between my finite self and the infinite nature of the Divine.

Thank you, Kundalini Times, for posting this video. I post it here on this blog so that I may go back and practice it again in my personal sacred space. The kriya is called, “Balancing the Depository System.” It was fun to be with the Master in this way and enjoy the company of these yogis through a video recording.

May we be patient and trust that there will be moments when we can behold every system coming into balance. May we be at ease with stepping into our own power to self direct our own self healing. Sat Naam!

40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day 7

Yogi Bhajan taught that “Prayer is not a religious matter of psychological satisfaction. Prayer is a reality.  How you pray doesn’t matter if you touch its inner mechanism and reality.  Prayer is not completed with words.  Prayer is complete with intunement.”

To pray, one must tune in to inward mechanisms.

Recently, a friend asked me to pray for a community threated by wildfires.  I’d never been to the town he asked me to hold in my prayers.  I knew nobody personally, other than my friend who did not even live there now.  Nonetheless, I kept this community and their plight in my awareness.  In meditation, I tried to intune my whole being to my friend and this community.  I sensed anxiety, concern, and fear.  I welcomed all anxiety, concern, fear to rise within me.  I allowed the sensations that anxiety, concern, and fear bring to the body to be there inside my body, inside my tissues, inside my cells; however, I did not attach my identity to anxiety, concern, or fear.  I allowed it to be there without trying to fight it or avoid it.  But I fixed my intuitive identity on my prayer.

“Beloved Creator.  Help those who suffer; make them know deep peace that relieves all suffering.  Help those who fear; make them know great courage to face anything.  Make all beings feel forever exalted for having endured even the smallest amount of hardship and survived.  Sat Nam!”

But prayer is not completed with words.  So I can have all the word power in the world, but if I cannot deliver relief through my intunement, then my prayer will not be effective.  Still, the words are important because they offer comfort.  Whatever comfort the words brought to my body, I sent out to the people of the community threatened by wildfires.  Whatever true and deep relief my prayer offered to me, I consciously extended all those miles away to all those total strangers.

May the inner mechanisms of human consciousness continue to grow and reveal their value to our awakened minds.

Sat Nam!