40 Days of Radiant Words

Day Six

I’d like to continue to reflect on the body as a fiesta.

Today’s radiant words are from The Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche

Whenever you dissolve into helpless laughter–transported by a magic show, antics or jokes, having your armpits tickled, drenched by a sudden shower, or any of Nature’s tricks–dive into the source of that laughter.  Surrender to the surge of joy illuminating the essence of reality.

Let’s tickle one another’s armpits!  Let’s dwell in the body’s all-pervading sense of joy.  Feel your voice laughing.  Accept this as true reality.

May we laugh and may this laughter be an expression that connects us to our radiance.

Please join me in practicing this meditation for 11 minutes every day for 40 days:  Meditation to Develop the Radiant Body


May You Prosper #7

“Your consciousness must have mastery over you.  Not your reason, not your logic, not your needs, not your projection and not your life.  When your consciousness states it is not worthwhile, then even if your life may be at stake, let it go.  When you touch that height, God comes to you.”  ~Yogi Bhajan

And there is also a line that is repeated over and over in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib that strongly encourages one to live life as if one is dead while still alive.

What this means to me–at this moment–is that each day I allow experience to move through me, roll around me, flow this way and that.  I engage this life with full enthusiasm, yet some facet of Me is lying in corpse pose, in a state of eternal, peaceful repose.

Yeah.  Who needs to cling to this one human life with ferocious, possessive energy anyway?  Instead, may I cling to the vibration of I am the light of my soul.  I am beautiful.  I am bountiful.  I am bliss. 

Consciousness exists beyond this one lifetime.  So, if this expression exists in a sacred text–this expression that regards life subordinate to  consciousness–what kind of implications does this present for us in times of mass violence?

One implication may be that my mind and my soul can now engage in life with more energy and attention focused on my personal present moment, which is really all I ever have.  I can focus my energy to serve and uplift myself and those around me, rather than being consumed by the loud clamor of mass media, a mass clamor whose reporting repeatedly reminds me that I am supposed to be fearful, on guard, and feeling separated from my fellow human beings.

May we grow more and more fully conscious, aware of our personal power and our bliss, our beauty, and our bounty.  May we grow less enamored with The Times and become more aware of how to bow to the inner wisdom that is timeless.

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Sat Nam!