When Mothers Pray, Infinity Must Listen

Yogi Bhajan said, “The most powerful prayer in the universe is the prayer of the mother.”

So, envision a whole collective of mothers coming together to pray for schools and communities that are safe, nurturing, and conscious.  This collective prayer is for communities that encourage mothers to raise blissful children.  This prayer is for every human being to heal and uplift the mother within and the child deep within everyone.

Sat Naam!


Divine Mother

Mother’s Prayer for Safe Schools

Violence is a fixture that churns deep in the American psyche.

Violence pervades our most seemingly innocent experiences, from going to the mall to walking through the park.  No  matter what it is a typical American does on a typical day, violent images, memories, song lyrics, movie scenes, words, ideas, stories, and language accompany every move we make.

To appreciate the depth to which we are steeped in violence, we need to appreciate the workings of the subconscious mind and the subtle realm.  We need to become more deeply conscious.  We need to be deeply aware of the ways that glorification of violence influences the subconscious mind.

In America today, most people do not want to admit it or do not choose to notice, but violence exists as a prominent leader in the American Subtle Consciousness.  Most people are not paying attention to the subtle realm.  Why should they?  After all, the subtle realm is subtle.  And if you do not practice any form of yoga, meditation, or mindfulness, chances are you have no idea that the subtle realm even exists.

The first gross solution is to get rid of guns.

The solution for the mind is to clean the subconscious of its garbage.  The way to do that is meditation.

Pushing measures through the government and legal system are useless.

Instead, change the brain!

Here is a sure fie way to protect children through violence:

Chant the Mother’s Prayer for Her Child eleven times as your child falls asleep at night.  Even if your child is grown and moved away, chant this prayer for your child every day, eleven times a day.  Do this every day without fail.  While chanting, expand your awareness to swaddle every child — even your inner child — in this blessing.  Sat Nam!



One Heart Fire 4

Day Four

We enjoy the many ways to communicate in this world—cell phone, facebook, e-mail, blogs, TED Talks, television, youTube.

Are we able to list the different ways in which we experience and engage in communion?

Through an experience of communion, I came to connect with the San Bushmen in southern Aftrica.

How did I come to dedicate my personal meditation practice for these few days to the San Bushmen in Bostwana?  My passport claims I am an American.  According to mainstream statistics, I am someone who is not supposed to be able to point out Bostwana on a map.  So, why have I recently come to focus so much energy on the San Shamans and the igniting of the One Heart Fire?

Through silent communion.

Part of me wishes that I could confess a mystical secret that the Bushmen appeared to me in a vision while I was deep in meditation.  Alas, that is not what happened at all.

I came across this article online that discussed the importance of May 24, 2017.  I read the article with mild curiosity.  But then that curiosity expanded into a flourishing feeling of connection, an ecstatic and strong sensory impulse that I was supposed to make myself a participant in this event.  My whole body yearned to be involved somehow.  This strong sensory impulse that felt really good all over my body was communion.  Some force that is benevolent and divine overtook me and linked me to the San Shamans in southern Africa without much of my doing anything.

It is well-known yogic wisdom that wherever we place our attention, our energy goes there.  There are countless events occurring every moment, countless choices of things and people and events and objects for me to place my attention.

For now, I am consciously choosing to place my meditative mindful attention on this Ignite the One Heart Fire sacred event being held by the San Bushmen in southern Africa that will take place on May 24, 2017.  Why?  Because I have refined my intuition to the degree that my intuition guides me to focus on this event in this way.  This is how Kundalini energy works.  It is not woo woo or voodoo or making me shoot lighting bolts out my third eye or levitate (though my skeptical husband still waits to see evidence such as this as proof this practice “works”).  There is no sensational mystery here.  I am simply growing a refined human sensory system.  Through daily practice, I am able to refine my sensory system, and through a stroke of Grace, I was just given this gift of an experience of profound communion with strangers who live and move very far away from me.

Wahe Guru!

Humble Prayer:

May we realize that Unity Consciousness exists whether or not human beings or the planet Earth exists.  May this realization make us humble and ready to bow and open up to receive the blessings of Unity Consciousness.  May we realize our potential as expressions of Unity Consciousness.  May the Beloved Creator keep us safe and warm us by the light of this One Heart.  Love to All!  Sat Nam!

Please join me in practicing the Maha Gyan Agni Pranayam and ignite your wisdom on into the One Heart.

One Heart Fire

I dedicate my practice of eleven days of this kriya, called Maha Gyan Agni Pranayam to the Ignite the One Heart Fire ceremony that will take place on May 24 in South Africa.

The San Bushmen are a group of Shamans who acknowledge certain shifts in the Mayan Calandar.  According to those who observe Mayan calandar wisdom, May 24 will be a good day to embrace enlightened unity consciousness and continue to practice enlightened unity consciousness unto infinity.  The time has come for self-illumined souls to resonate with the 9th Wave of Creation in order to launch more efforts to see to it that humanity evolves for the better.

If you feel so inspired, please join me in this practice.  Light a candle on May 24.  Repeat a humble prayer.  Acknowledge our oneness.

Let’s do and say all we can to remind one another that we are One.  Sat Nam!


Beloved Creator,

Please guide us, enlighten us, purify us through ancient fire.  Help us all to give more energy, focus, and attention to our oneness.  Understand our errors as humble cries from many hearts longing to feel the truth of One Heart.  Fill all beings on this planet with wisdom that allows us to deeply engage, explore, express, and expand our Oneness.

Sat Nam!


Learn By Blessing

I visited the Yoga Dork website and read an article called “Am I Misappropriating Yoga?” J. Brown, a veteran yoga teacher based in Brooklyn writes eloquently, and the  topics discussed in his essay interest me.

At first, I felt compelled to express my personal views on the topics of misappropriation and commercialization of yoga.  But after meditating, I feel more compelled to project my energy into the discussion.  This means I feel less urgency to voice my opinion and more urgency to send a high-frequency vibration rippling through the middle of a stormy debate.  It is less important for me to have others understand my personal opinions; it is more important that others feel blessed by whatever truth I have to share.

Yoga began long ago in a place we know of as India.  Yoga started long, long, long before that.  Yoga is timeless.  We are timeless.

Yogi Bhajan taught us to learn by blessing rather than learning by questioning.  For a long time I felt uncomfortable with, and felt lots of resistance to, this idea of learning by blessing.  I have been educated to think critically, to question everything I hear and read, to take nothing at face value but to filter every thought and idea through a process of careful analysis.

So, why would I ever want to “learn by blessing?”  What is the use of learning by blessing?

In his essay, J. Brown mentions how Hindus and Yoga scholars are growing increasingly frustrated with the contemporary portrayals of yoga on Instragram.  The commercialization of yoga troubles countless people within and outside the yoga world.  Yoga has become an industry.  As the wife of a lawyer, I am also made sensitive to the fact that it is a very under-regulated industry.  People are getting away with all kinds of suspicious programs that they tout as yoga trainings and certification programs.  But really, how authentic are all these programs and what are they teaching?

In this maelstrom of yogamania, disagreements and fraud are bound to grow.  Polarity constitutes a major aspect of the human experience.  There is no such thing as authenticity without such a thing as fraud.  So, I found this situation an interesting one to try to apply Yogi Bhajan’s teaching that a yogi can “learn by blessing.”

I wrote a comment at the bottom of J. Brown’s article that I will echo here on my blog.

Bless the Capitalists. Bless the Imperialists. Bless the forefathers of Yoga. Bless those who worship Kali. Bless the yoga scholars. Bless yoga practitioners.  Bless yoga masters. Bless yoga beginners. Bless the users on Instagram. Bless yoga. Bless yoga tradition. Bless yoga transformation. Bless you. Bless me. Bless the dead.  Bless the unborn.

I feel gratitude to J. Brown for helping me clear up my mind and heart reflecting on these ideas.

What have I learned from all this blessing?

By blessing the mess of beings touched by yoga and touching yoga, I feel I become more conscious of the Big Picture of yoga.  I feel that I become more aware that each player in this universe has an infinite story, and if I were to live their story, I would completely empathize with their perspective.  So, to each and every being, I offer all the compassion I can muster in my Mother-heart.

Isn’t it a wonder that the Creator of All That Is and Was and Will Be had the grace to give humanity Yoga and Prayer Mudra and the Flower of Life and the blogosphere and….?!

Sat Nam!


40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day Twenty Five

May we listen.  May the act of listening be the prayer.  May listening be so satisfying to the soul, the mind, the ego, and the body that all become still and conscious and merge listening beings with the sounds of the Infinite Pulse.  May we perceive the sacred essence in all sound.  May we help one another to know divine love through listening.  May our listening grow so sophisticated and sensitive that we may hear the sound of sunlight shining upon each petal of any flower opening into its full bloom.

Sat Nam!