Ferocious Rudra Kriya

Ferocious Rudra Kriya

If there is anything that I have learned from Mahatma Ghandi, Baba Lokenath, Sri Datatreya, Shakaracharya, Baba Siri Chand, Udasi Monks, Aghori Yogis, Lord Shiva, Kali Ma, and my own warped yoga teacher training, it is that yogic power DESTROYS ignorance.

When necessary, a yogi must use a CURSE. A curse is necessary right now!

The United States of America is a sick nation that was built on racial inequalities and barbaric law enforcement. No real progress exists here. No real union exists here. The leaders are depraved. Fraud and corruption invade every humble effort to make a living. There is no humility. The outer shit show stinks so badly no one can breathe.

The way forward is an illusion. The only way to go is within.

Go within, for real. Time to practice austerities. It’s critical.

Invitation to Practice

Sit with a tall spine in a cross-legged position (Sukhasana) or in Full Lotus Position (Padmasana).

Tune In

Tune in means to consciously settle into sitting in meditation. There is always a choice here to tune in by simply listening to your breath for a few minutes. Or tune in with any mantra that serves you. For now, I will tune in with my own Pran Sutra that my goddess teacher gave to me. I tune in chanting three times:

Aum Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayai Viche


Interlace the fingers and cross the thumbs. Index fingers point straight up. This mudra is held above the head, upper arms hug the ears, elbows lock straight, shoulders remain relaxed (not lifted). Heart and rib cage remain lifted. Chin is pulled back toward the spine to be sure the vertebrae in the neck are long and tall (not squashed).


Aum Namo Bhagavate Rudraya

Repeat the mantra 108 times.

Seal the Practice.

Seal the practice: Inhal deeply, and pull, squeeze, and hold the internal body locks (these are the internal locks: tighten the anal sphincter, urethral sphincter, and pull the navel in and up; curl and press the tongue to the roof of the mouth; roll the eyes to the crown of the head.) Exhale completely and pull, squeeze and hold the Mahabandh, or Great Lock, with the breath held out (squeeze and pull up the anal sphincter, urethral sphincter, navel plexus, solar plexus and diaphragm in and up to move the energy up the spine and out the crown of the head).


Sri Matre Namaha!

Curses on all racial disparity, inequality, injustice, and ignorance.

May all racial disparity, inequality, injustice, and ignorance be destroyed.

May the benefits of this practice be received by all beings.

Video Invitation