Magdalen Yoga

Magdalen Yoga

Magdalen Yoga

is a simple practice for anyone to practice daily. Practice lovingly.

Unite With Sutras

First, Gently Allow Consciousness to Echo These Sutras:

Woman, Rise as Dawn.

Woman, Your Touch is a High Honor.

Woman, Your Body is Sacred Geometry.

Woman, Your Mind is a Consecrated Altar.

Woman, Your Emotions Carry All Across Oceans of Love.

Woman, Your Voice Vibrates Goddess Joy,

Goddess Laughter, an Awakened Song.

A Woman’s Heartbeat is the Kiss of the Divine.

A Woman’s Breath Nurtures God’s Breath Unto Eternal Life.

Woman, Feel Empowered Through Your Sensuality.

Woman, Know Divinity with Desire.

We See: Women Embody Ancient Temple of Isis Teachings.

Her Every Blink of Her Eyes Releases 1,000 Healing Truths.

She Knows How To Create Absolute Union

of the Earthly, Animal, Etheric, and Astral Realms.

Tune In

Aum Dum Durgaye Namaha

                             Aum Dum Durgaye Namaha

                             Aum Dum Durgaye Namaha

                             Aum Dum Durgaye Namaha

                             Aum Dum Durgaye Namaha

Breathe and Move

Surya Namaskar Above Her and Surya Namaskar Below Her

Chandra Namaskar to Her Left and Chandra Namaskar to Her Right

Shiva Namaskar Within Her and Shiva Namaskar Without Her

She Relaxes in Yoga Mudra, Timeless, the Beginning, the Now, and the Future are With Her while She Relaxes Here in Yoga Mudra Breathing Lovingly and Slowly and As Deeply As The Deepest, Darkest Rishi Cave.

She Balances in Vrksasana, and She Is With Every Tree In Perfect Balance.

She Dies in Shivasana; She is Reborn in Shivasana.


She Wakens Into This Simple Meditation:

She Sits with a Rising Spine.

She Chants Aum Dum Durgaye Namaha infinitely, slowly, quietly, and lovingly on each chakra within the body and above the body and below the body.


She Closes Her Practice With Her Own Prayer to the Creatrix

May All beings Be Free. May All Beings Be Filled With The Peace Within Maaaaa. Shri Maaaaa. Hari Maaaa. Jai Maaaa.

Aum Shanti Shanti Shantihi

{Secret Note: There is a Secret Mantra Flowing Beneath This Practice: No Need To Chant This, Just Practice To Hear It Far Below; The Earth is Chanting This Beneath Far Below In Her Deep Down Voice:

Buddum Sharanam Gacchami

Dhammam Saranam Gacchami

Sangham Sharanam Gacchami}

Pause is Praise

Pause is Praise

The full moon is a time to feel content and complete (well, if you think about it from the moon’s perspective, the moon is always, always full; oh, beloved friend, She is so full!). Now is a good time as any to set foot upon the grass and then claim absolute and definitive ecstatic union with the universe.


I walk to the top of Mount Soledad where there is a veterans memorial. I kick off my shoes and stand in my bare feet and look out over the city, the shore, and the sea. I quietly say, “I claim absolute and definitive ecstatic union with the universe!” Whether or not my ego or mind or society or family or anyone thinks this is true does not matter. What matters is the internal proclamation. Proclaiming absolute and definitive ecstatic union with the universe feels good. And it even smells and tastes good when the sensory system is tuned up.

So it may seem the distracted world is mired in conflict and distress. Now, take this quiet morning to contemplate Yeshua’s Beloved Magdalen describing this as “the beginning of the end of time,” let us pause! Pause is praise! Let us listen! “the beginning of the end of time” is a phrase used by Mary Magdalen in her The Magdalen Manuscript, channeled by Tom Kenyon and written with Judi Sion. Slowly contemplate “the beginning of the end of time.” I understand the “beginning of the end of time” not as a statement warning us of the end of human existence. Whether human extinction is on the horizon or not is not the point of this phrase. The “beginning of the end of time” refers to a state of consciousness: if you are one of the fortunate beings who reads and adores The Magdalen Manuscript, you will be entering your consciousness into the beloved state of Timelessness.

Meditation Technique

Whatever is in your immediate reality right now, listen for something in the distance. Stay very still within your being, and listen for as long as is comfortable for you. After listening to that very faint, very distant sound for a few moments or however long you wish, consciously create that amount of space between you and whatever it is that is happening in your here and now reality. However, the trick is to remain absolutely engaged in your here and now reality as well, but engage that reality with SPACE not with entanglement. In other words, do not space out or check out of reality; engage your reality with your sensitivity to the vast space of the unified field of quantum reality.

The next step is to remain kindly welcoming this space around you, remain engaged in your here and now activity or conflict, but then allow that space to penetrate your senses. Space within the sense of smell. Space within the sense of taste. Space within the sense of sound. Space within the sense of silence. Space within the sense of seeing. In other words, do not ignore, reject, or dismiss that distant sound you were focusing on, just add more space on top of your sensory engagement with it. Continue sitting with this process for as long as you wish and sense your own divinity filling that space and expanding it.

Now, Dream Space

After reading The Magdalena Manuscript, I had an ecstatic dream on full moon night. Whales were making love. Deep down, sea creatures merged in intimacy in their own quiet corner of the sea. At the moment of their ecstatic union, they sprouted enormous wings out of their backs. Whale wings with enormous feathers, feathers as delicate as those of the silk moth, yet so strong and invincible as to be able to lift a whale. The whale couple swam to the surface of the ocean and then together they took flight. Flying whales with sea water cascading off their shimmering feathers as they flew through the air. When I woke from that dream back into this human dream, my laughter and tears shook the bed and soaked the blankets. I imagined my husband was here, and he turned to me and asked, are you okay? I imagined that I said to him, we are whales with wings; our wings can manage this heavy load; in fact, the load is not really that heavy. We are light. We are light. We are whales of light, and we can fly.

Reprogram the Subconscious Mind

During the full moon, it is good practice to cleanse the subconscious mind, and the best way to do this is meditation.

Here is a simple technique Yogi Bhajan taught: Inhale and hold the breath and mentally repeat: I am beautiful. I am bountiful. I am blissful. Exhale and hold the breath out and repeat: Excel. Excel. Fearless. Continue this pattern for three minutes. Then rest.

While you rest, imagine Mary Magdalen gently stroking your forehead. Tenderly as a Mother or as a Lover, whichever you feel you need now.

In a quiet voice, she asks you to repeat after her these words:

I claim the royal divinity of my soul. I accept the royal divinity of my soul. I dwell in the royal divinity of my soul.

I claim the royal divinity of my courage. I accept the royal divinity of my courage. I dwell in the royal divinity of my courage.

I claim the royal divinity of my compassion. I accept the royal divinity of my compassion. I dwell in the royal divinity of my compassion.

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Yogis say that a person become whatever she repeats over and over. What you repeat, you shall become. So repeatedly proclaim, “I am divine.”

Gaze at the moon. Dwell in divine consciousness.


Sat Naam!

What Can We Co-create?

What Can We Co-create?

The Moon is new. To Earth, the Moon shows her dark face. But I gaze upon Her with New Eyes, the Eyes of 1,000 Sophia Dragons. Welcome the Lunar New Year with Oracle Wisdom.

As the now-lost Sacred Serpent Prophesies recorded long before, this is an era we honor the mother’s of miracles star nativities within the Tree of Life and the pure innocence of the human heart. It’s a season for speaking in Code and for cosmic star bloom collaboration. Join Her coven. Get cozy in your Vajra Body. Create together! Open your wings. Let’s fly!

Two books, when experienced together, create ecstasy: The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra and God’s Wife. by Amanda Michalopoulou.

While absorbing the wisdom of these books, I also practiced the “Grace of God” meditation taught by Yogi Bhajan.

These three together create a trifecta of gilded self-initiation that will honor all beings’ Divine Feminine Self wisdom. Simply be in awe and wonder at Divine Feminine Consciousness within every being. Celebrate Divine Feminine Consciousness. Every being has the power to consecrate intimate Divine Feminine Consciousness within his or her own self. The experience of reading these two books while practicing the Grace of God meditation enhances love for women, expands love for the Divine Mother within.


I intend to continue to celebrate keycode 444, which reveals the ways vulnerability and invincibility dance as loving partners within the heart of all beings. New friends have called to me, reached me, and cheered me on. We are Isis, Hathor, Green Tara, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, White Buffalo Woman, God’s Wife, Yogi Ma, Sophia, Rebecca, and more names that are too pure to write in this language.

We are absolutely vulnerable! We are absolutely invincible! We circle dance around all Earth Ways, Water Ways, Fire Ways, Air Ways, and Ether Ways. We spin new star nations into being whirling incantations to awaken the potential in all creatures.

It has been ages, but now we can openly, honestly, and cheerfully proclaim and freely express the ways we create reconciliation, integrity, and sovereignty by breathing into one another’s Completion. It’s time to weave etheric threads of Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness into the quantum matrix of sleeping children in Her Sacred Heart.

Dear Sophia Dragon Tribe

Dear Sophia Dragon Tribe,

Yes, I am ready to witness what Heaven on Earth we can co-create on this Cosmic Day of Brahma.

Beloved Sophia Dragon Tribe, thank you for welcoming me. These powerful women have lifted me off the floor where I was bowing, begging, suffering, and weeping. They have encouraged me to stand tall and enjoy their eyes locked with mine as equals. They have shown me the ways of the winged divinity with femininity. Generous with wisdom gifts, these women have given me the experience of sweet, sensual, fully-embodied oneness with all Star-seed Prayer People Thunder Being Spirit Gods.

Yogin Dragon Writer Speaks

I receive this Codex as cosmic nectar, an epic revelation, a primal soul song from which every song of every soul emerges and returns. I receive this Codex as Parashakti Sundari sits with me, and we cheerfully record Her 1,000 names miss spelled out in my 1,000 names. I call out with 1,000 voices in her 1,000 voices. She and I are ignited as one SiStar within the Tree of Life. We tenderly play our parts initiating the Golden Age of Miracles. Yes, let us cherish our role as Mama Earth, shrine-punk, wayfinding angels, showing how Heaven is here on Earth! Yes, let every being we look upon be bathed by our gaze as our gaze is the 1,000 Waters of Compassion. We are one with the White Cloud Beings and the Thunder Beings. Every storm, every suffering, every virus, every wildfire is a revelation that every changing thing is sacred in its every form and formlessness.

You have asked me to unite with you to guide the human consciousness through Earth’s ascension process so that we may experience this process as blissful. Yes, I willingly take on this honor, blessing, and awesome challenge!

Dear Sophia Dragon Tribe, you turn these tears I have wept these centuries into prayed-for rainfall! Bless us all with super blooms and new life and profound reconciliation; may all enemies think of one another and feel new elation. Transform every conflict! Empower this Sutra to be ten times greater — make “recognize the other is you” into “know the other’s bliss is your bliss.” Keycode 777! “It is done. It is done. It is done. The power of three makes a perfect trinity!”

Thank women! I thank the women friends around the cosmos, for hearing me, for empowering me, and for protecting me. At last, I rest in the sanctuary of the embrace of these billions and billions of feminine beings from all times and spaces. Here are also many alien mother creatures from other planetary systems. Imagine what they look like and the songs they sing! And I have confidence that from here forward my soul is sheltered and infinitely vast. She tells me my writing is safe here. She smiles upon me and my writing life so I may keep up with seeing the lightning within the bejeweled eye of every word.

She gently guides my memory to recall once, long ago, in Her Temple of the Primordial Rose, we all heard the man say, Be like Rebecca. He spoke my name aloud, with reverence and guidance. He said Be like Rebecca. That was at Sophia’s Bat Mitzvah where we were all together Mitzvah-ed. We observe Rebecca and Sophia and the Dragon Tribe are one. It is done. Hello Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness! Hello!


I humbly pray Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness enjoy full expression with Mother Earth. I pray our divinity and oneness usher all beings into the Golden Age of Miracles! May we praise the unfathomable one breath of Sophia: her one inhale creates Aeons, and her one exhale creates Aeons. May her eternal breath be our reception of all the wisdom ways to lengthen the Golden Age of Miracles to last at least three times that long. May every human heart and awareness experience true connection, warmth, Mother love, and vital ecstasy in equal doses of levity and light all at once now and now and now! May we know Heaven on Earth and observe it all go in and come out of Her dark womb of no-thing. Amen!

Sat Naam!