Meditations for Writers

Yogic Temple

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Cauldron of Awen
from the
Celtic Magical Tradition

My humble

offering during this pandemic is a weekly

gathering called

“Meditations for Writers.”

We meet every Saturday

to focus, contemplate, write, and share.

Week One, we talked about the ascension process. Ascension involves tuning in, listening to, and sitting with the changes that are happening on our planet and within human consciousness. Ascension means we observe ourselves and our experiences with tenderness and patience. In this session, we practiced a Holon of Ascension meditation. We wrote about our vibration, expectations, and beliefs. We sealed this sacred process with gratitude.

Week Two, we talked about the heart of a writer. What does it mean to be a writer, be a lover, and be a lover of writing? We practiced a meditation for a calm heart. We wrote from a prompt about our Legacy of Love. We discovered that sheltering in our homes is a great way to be in touch with our Legacy of Love.

Week Three, we practiced Vayu Mantha Kriya and Simha Kriya. These are practices to strengthen the immune system. We contemplated the power of words to bring healing and strength to the human spirit. We realized the significance of weaving our writing work into cell-level consciousness.

Week Four, we practiced guided meditations and a meditation to strengthen intuition. Then we wrote in the voice of our intuition. We invited our intuition to play with any or all of these ten words: vulnerability, mystery, intimacy, distance, cave, dwell, fist, hide, seek, divination. We discovered writing from intuition gives rise to a whole new dimension of “show don’t tell.”

Upcoming meditations & writing prompts:








Spiritual Sovereignty

Child-like Wonder







Lingam / Cauldron

Feminine + Masculine Co-creative Divinity

Weigh in on these topics with your wisdom, insight, and self expression. I look forward to being with you!

All are welcome!

Join us …

$5 donation goes to San Diego Writers Ink to help keep this important non-profit literary arts organization surviving these challenging times.