Looking For a Ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter listens to you tell your story and share your ideas.

We spend hours together in the interview process. I listen and take notes. Then, I write.

If you feel that you have a story or ideas that you would like to compile into a book, but the task of writing a book fills you with dread, please contact me.

Depending on a ghostwriter not only makes your writing process much less burdensome, it also enriches your story. Sharing your story aloud and having a good listener to write it will flesh out the story in ways that solitary writing does not offer.

People often ask what do ghostwriters do?

Ghostwriters write the story, and you hold the credit as the author.

People also ask, where / how do I find a ghostwriter?

I am right here. I am Rebecca Jane / Yogi Ma, and I love to write for the hell of it. I am blessed with a carefree attitude about authorship. I have deep love for the magic that happens in the exchange between ghostwriter and author. There are a lot more books out there that have been ghostwritten than you may suppose.

There are lots of people out there with excellent stories hidden within them; yet, they don’t like to write. I am here to write those stories. I am fun to work with. It will be an honor for me to listen to you and write your story.

You will be pleased with my product and delighted by our exchange. I promise.