Jean Vanier and Yogi Bhajan

Jean Vanier and Yogi Bhajan

Jean Vanier was a Catholic humanitarian who founded L’Arche, an uplifting community for people with disabilities. Yogi Bhajan was a Sikh humanitarian who founded 3HO, a community for sharing the teachings of a particular style of kundalini yoga. Both men made choices in their lifetimes over which their respective communities are now grieving.

I have discovered something of a solution to this problem, but I know it is a solution this world may not yet be ready to embrace. Here on this humble blog, I call in the presence of the Cosmic Mothers. May the Cosmic Mothers be witness to the words I carefully offer here. May the Cosmic Mothers bless and protect the seeds these words plant.

The On Being Project’s founder Krista Tippett made a response to L’Arche’s independent investigation into what happened with Jean Vanier’s sexual behavior. In this response, Krista expresses grief, horror, and acknowledges that there are no saints. She even briefly mentions a concept of “soul-stealing.” I wished she could have gone deeper into this concept of soul-stealing. Most importantly, I wish to urge listeners to witness, critically, that she ends the statement referring to the tension of Jean Vanier’s poor choice behaviors with the beautiful creation he left us. She acknowledges this tension as potentially educational. So, I thrive on tension, let me go dive into the tension with exuberance! Weee!

In the epicenter of this tension, I sing: the credit for that beautiful creation of L’Arche lies just as much, or even more, with the women he had sex with.

Also, credit lies with all the people who stepped in to help co-create L’Arche and keep it going. In retrospect, did we really need to overly venerate this one particular man who was just like everyone else in that he likes to have sex? Perhaps we need to be more careful about directing an unhealthy amount of energy and focus on celebrity building and gazing. Everyone may be thinking it is most important to be moral in our sexuality, but this means we deny the power, sacredness, and need to be creative, playful, and happy with sexual energy. When it comes to these monumental scandals, there will be much less need to feel shame and horror over sexual encounters if we can laud the women just as much as Vanier as heroes and creators of the beauty of L’Arche. Alternatively, do not laud any heroes at all. Why are we so obsessed with sex scandals and celebrity gossip anyway? What is this obsession teaching us about human consciousness? How can we use this obsession’s energy to fuel an even better collective good for all beings?

One thing we might do is see that women who have sexual relations with powerful humanitarian men need to be given credit for fueling the man’s accomplishments.

By having sex with these women, Vanier didn’t exactly soul steal. He soul collaborated.

In sex, our souls collaborate.

But Vanier was never given a way to publicly express his gratitude for the great soul collaboration. Most likely he probably just forgot about the women. Who knows what the sex meant to his mind? Maybe he thought it was a flash-in-the-pan conquest. Maybe he just needed to release some tension. We could never know for sure, and most people are probably too prudish or fearful or immature to consciously investigate along these lines. But I would venture to guess that Vanier did not, in his mind, give these women any credit for what he accomplished.

But his soul did give them credit. Bless his soul.

So to my perception, whatever he created, these women also created.

When women come forward to share their stories of having sexual relations with these renown men – consensual or not – might we be able to see that these women are equally heroic to these men? These women played a vital role in whatever the men brought forth because the men received a significant amount of creative energy through that sexual encounter. When a man unites with a woman in any kind of intercourse, even if it is only through words, the two become instantaneous co-creators, there is an exchange on the level of the subtle body that the ancient Egyptians referred to as “entwining of the four cobras.” It is not something to be ashamed of; this is something to be celebrated, studied, practice in safe, sacred, and reverent ways, and taught to our future generations. We must call in the Cosmic Mothers. They can teach us the knowledge of Entwining the Four Cobras. This knowledge is every bit as subtle, sophisticated, and beautiful as Calculus; so we must welcome it with our whole connected and collaborative human creative intelligence.  

After listening to Krista, whom I adore and admire greatly, I see that her podcast mentions Jean Vanier’s name over and over. Sadly, this means that he is the one we will remember, the one we will hold in our immediate awareness. This makes it seem that he is the one that this was all about; but that is not the whole picture, now, is it? Instead of seeing more clearly, the whole revelation of his sexual intimacies gets characterized as immoral. Look, much more tragic than sex relations (which is just common bodily behavior, um, he was a guy; he had sex; so?) is that we bury the presence of the women into the unknown subconscious where they remain obscured. The sex is not the scandal, ignoring the women is the scandal.

For imagination’s sake, let’s just pretend that we live in a world that has different consciousness codes regarding sexual intimacy…

In such a world, we would know the women’s names. In such a world, the women would not be kept secret and remain unknown with the weight of shame on the women only. In such a world, the Comic Mothers consciousness would be understood and venerated. Women in their creative essence and power would be on absolute equal par with men.

If we are to continue venerating him, we must also venerate her. Otherwise, we must now get beyond our obsessions with veneration altogether. 

Same with Yogi Bhajan and Premka; imagine a world in which we are able to venerate both or else trash both together. They’re equal.


Beloved Creatrix, please allow the Earth’s magnetic field to open for the Cosmic Mothers to pay human consciousness a much longed-for visit. We adore you and venerate you, dearest Cosmic Mothers. We have prepared for your coming by seeing a crisis for what it is – an opportunity to expand consciousness. Infinite gratitude to the Cosmic Mothers who are listening.

© Rebecca Jane Yogi Ma, All Rights Reserved, 2020