Flying with Sadhguru

Flying with Sadhguru

Sadhguru is on a motorcycle tour of the North America to explore the mystical energy that dwells on this land. He’s visiting Native American lands and reservations. Today marks the third day of his exploration, and during his Sunday morning Darshan he shared that he has covered 1,872 miles so far from Isha Institute in Tennessee to Cahokia lands of Missouri. The location of his Darshan was a prairie and corn field. Here is a link to more images of Cahokia lands.

He opened his darshan the same way he has been these past six months with talking about the virus. “We ourselves have been like a virus on this planet.” He reminded us that from 1970 to 2016, the birds, amphibian, fish, and mammal populations have declined to near extinction. At this rate, in 50 years time, 70 percent of significant life on this planet will be gone for no other reason than certain reckless human behaviors, values, and ways of being. We need biodiversity for human survival. Recklessly killing off biodiversity is killing human beings.

He suggested that the best thing for us to do now is to please become aware of this and see where we stand. This is not something to correct overnight. Make long-term plans to achieve behaviors, values, and ways of being that are more in alignment with preserving biodiversity. Plan over the next 25, 50, and 100 years, and see to it that we meet these plans.

Why are elected officials not doing what needs to be done for the people? Sadhguru says it’s because people have not made it clear what people want. People are too busy being consumed by competitions and one-up-man-ship. This is so true. Also, I would add that I have personally experienced that the political process these days has amounted to candidates and movements and institutions asking me for money. But collecting money from me is not a real political process, it’s a business exchange. The way I see it, a real political process that is needed right now is for us to go outside together and plant trees and see to it that those trees grow to maturity and maintain enough sap inside them so that wildfires will not burn them down like they are matchsticks. With enough sap inside them, trees can fend off wildfire. If need be, worship those trees. Worship tree sap. Plant and love trees!

Looks like instead of making more human babies, it’s time now for humans to aspire to grow forests. Give birth to trees. Forget about your family tree; make families of trees.

The way Sadhguru says it is that “One of the simplest ways to change, given present conditions, is to put back 45% of the land under tree cover. We need biodiversity to flourish and keep the microorganisms going if we want human existence to continue.” Sadhguru said that the planet is not in peril. The planet can continue without human beings. It is human beings that are in peril. I would add that the fate of trees is the fate of human beings. We are so deeply related to trees. Look at the design of our respiratory system and look at trees respiratory system. They’re linked. When trees die, we die and vice versa. It’s a conscious connection, the way E.T. and Elliot connected. Whatever one felt, so felt the other.

Also, please critically view this photo below to see how the message to promote ecological sustainability might be refined in order to show how urgent that we pay attention to tree life:

The message might be more effective if we say, Forests are the Lungs of human beings, too. Save Trees, Save Humans. Can’t we understand yet how irrevocably linked our existence is to the existence of trees, birds, bees, or frogs? Please, it’s urgent. Environmentalists may have been posing as the benevolent protectors of the planet. Sure, but don’t we all need to better understand have to be less human-centric? We’ve been patronizing this planet even when we try to help. We need to humbly serve and touch and tread softly, softly rather than parade around with human-centric ways of seeing.

“Either we come out of this consciously, or a disaster will bring us back to our senses, it is up to us.” Sadhguru reminds us that we have a choice.

Humans have wielded an immense amount of suffering on so many species. We need tree cover. Human population needs to be reduced. Reduce human consumption. Reduce human aspirations. It is important that we understand that this does not mean we plan a genocide. “Postpone birth” is the phrase Sadhguru used. I say, “give birth to trees.” Make trees your new babies. Sadhguru criticized those who might worry about a depleted workforce or consumer force. He says, “You have become a marketplace in your head. Don’t be concerned about where are the consumers and workers. This is not the way to look at life.” Sure, I also wish Sadhguru would have said, Go out and instead of throwing a mother-to-be a baby shower, you have a tree-planting party (without all the plastic decorations, of course).

Regarding this motorcycle ride across the U.S. Sadhguru pointed out that he is accused of being an adventure addict. But he argued that addiction is repetitiveness. He shared a new poem he wrote called, “Adventure.” One of the lines of the poem said, “Adventure is not a conquest, but something that has no return on investment.” He added, “When life has come to you as a gift, what return do need on your investments?” We can see life as a gift that keeps giving and share our gift of life. Be exuberant!

He took a question from Abimanu who wondered if he could ride with Sadhguru because it looks exciting to be on an adventure rather than being forced to stay home and not even able to go to school. Looks like Sadhguru is having an adventure while a second grade boy needs to be stuck bored at home. Sadhguru said that adventure is not about exciting activity; adventure is about make every little activity you do exciting. How? When you exceed your expectations, perceptions, when you go beyond your limits of mind, body, emotions, perception, that is adventure and that is something you can do without moving from your seat or by taking a simple walk around the block or doing some good yoga stretch or meditative process.

Exceed perception by paying attention. Make paying attention into a big adventure. This is what yoga means. Adventure is about doing all the tiny things we do in an exciting manner. Stretch your emotional limitations. For example, whoever is around you, try to look at all of them with the same fondness as you look upon your mother.

Just using your faculties of mind, body, and sense perception, you can go beyond where you are. “You will cross rivers beyond bridges. You will cross oceans beyond ships. You will form friendships beyond relationships.” He said, and see how to stretch your physical, mental, emotional, and perceptive limitations.

He gave the second grade boy a practice, told him to go to the nearby Isha center, learn a certain practice or learn and work up to 54 Surya Namaskars each day for four months; plus, walk around and to whomever you meet on the street, look at everyone you see with the same love you look upon your own mother. Then Sadhguru will give him a motorcycle ride. He warned that the boy’s arms had better be strong because as fast as Sadhguru goes, the boy will be flying.

Sadhguru is painfully aware that the land where Tennessee’s Isha Institute stands was Cherokee Nation at one time. Then there was the Trail of Tears and Indian Removal Act, which has left pain and misery. Burial mounds exist across this nation; it’s important to reflect on those mounds that may be up to 5000 years old. Native nations practiced elaborate spiritual processes and rituals and nourished economic systems and towns of their own. It’s wonderful and refreshing to travel with Sadhguru and be amongst the Cahokiya burial mounds of Missouri.

Keep in mind, I am here at home in San Diego, California, watching Sadhguru on YouTube (thanks to Isha volunteers). But my own personal adventure involves a self-study of yoga and Celtic Magical tradition. So, when I saw Sadguru sitting amongst corn stalks, I imagined turning into an ear of corn. Why? In the Celtic Magical tradition there is a story of the poet Taliesan. Before he was a radiant poet, he was TK who served Cerridwen but Gwion Boch accidently imbibed the potent potion that was meant for Cerridwen’s son. In one part of the story, to escape her, Gwion Boch turned himself into an ear of corn. So, I playfully imagined myself as an ear of corn in that field, experiencing Sadhguru’s darshan as an ear of corn, listening to Sadhguru and beholding his presence as if I am that ear of corn sitting right by him. Blissful! Like this, I couldn’t care less if Cerridwen came to eat me; let me be born again as a radiant poet, like Taliesin, who can sing of the beauty of worshiping land, waters, sky, the elements, and the four directions.

The way I am exceeding my limits is to mix yoga and witchcraft. I would love for Sadhguru to touch on other fringe spiritual movements like Wicca, Voodoo, and the spiritual songs of the slaves of the American South. The American spiritual traditions are so vast and fascinating. I’ll continue to follow Sadhguru’s progress on his journey. Next, I’ll transform into the feathers of a hawk. Because if we want to try to keep up with speedy Sadhguru, we had better have wings to fly.

Infinite blessings on Sadguru’s motorcycle journey across spiritual America.

May God bless America!