40 Days of Radiant Words

Day Seven

I like to sit quietly.  Now I reflect on the sweet practice of closing the eyes and focusing the eyeballs on the third eye point between the eyebrows.  This stimulates the optic nerves which send signals to the pituitary and pineal glands.  Over time, daily sessions of concentrating on keeping the eyes steadily focused on this brow point strengthens the intuition.  That is something radiant to celebrate.

Here are some more radiant words from The Radiance Sutras, or The Vijnana Bhairava Tantra by Lorin Roche.

Rest the attention easily in the forehead, in the eye that is made of light.  Cherish the delicate energies shimmering there.

Close your eyes for a few minutes and focus on your brow point.  Please know, peaceful Reader, that I am bowing to the delicate energies you notice shimmering there.  Sat Nam!

Please join me in practicing this meditation for 11 minutes for 40 days:  The Meditation to Develop the Radiant Body.

Question for reflection over the next 40 days:

What would I say, write, or think if I knew that whatever I say, write, or think must happen?

If you have questions or want to communicate with me, please contact me at lightforceyoga@gmail.com


Diamond Mind, Creator’s Mind

Day Eleven

When the mind spins and expands with all thoughts and words full of heart and spirit, that’s paradise!  Focus on infinite courage.  Create a mind full of Love.  Create a mind full of soul.  Create a mind full of spiritual insight.  Share.  Move.  Enlighten.  Uplift.  “The world is the True Lord’s chamber. Within it the True One resides.”  Sit, have a long, long chat with your True One.  Your protective mind may long to belong, but also long for the liberation of every soul.  Train the projective mind to engage in one-pointed focus on the Divine.   Invite your meditative mind to drink deep and long from the bottomless cup of prayer.  Be the light, and Live the light.  Consciousness.  Bliss.  Consciousness.  Bliss.

Diamond Mind, Creator’s Mind

Day Nine

It’s easy for the mind to dwell in frustration.  Frustration is a habit of the negative mind.  Allow the wild mind to be flexible and playful with singularity and duality and egoism and emotion.  But, commit to a steady focus on infinity and neutrality.  May infinity and neutrality ignite the light of the mind.  May this yogi’s mind dwell in the mind of the Beloved Creator.  Sat Nam!


Diamond Mind, Creator’s Mind

Day Five

Sometimes we grow suspicious of social institutions, like education, religion, careers, and media.  We accuse these realms of giving us the experience of feeling “brainwashed.”

Your mind is given to you so you can never be brainwashed.

Every day, every hour, every moment, feel empowered to check in with the elements that make up your human organism and all things:  ether, air, fire, water, and earth.

Your mind is given to you to balance the amount of ether, air, fire, water, and earth that you are experiencing in any given moment, in any given circumstance.

Relating to the universe through your consciousness means becoming aware of the balance of the five elements that make up YOU.

Ether:  Check the quality of the space in which you exist.  Is that space giving you room to grow and glow?

Air:  Check the quality of your thoughts and your life force energy.  Do you have thoughts of high or low frequency?  Do you feel you have plenty of energy to give and love and serve?

Fire:  Check the quality of your digestion and lifeblood.  Do you feel at ease moving food through your system?  Are you aware of your blood’s circulation and its oxygen content?

Water:  Check the flow of your emotions and impressions.  Do you feel emotions flow easily through you giving you a rich human experience, but do not get blocked in your body or mind to create whirlpools of neurosis?

Earth:  Check in with your relationship to the Earth.  Do you feel rooted and grounded?  Have your hands helped in the garden?  Have your toes felt the grass or the sand?  Have you savored the sensations of nature in your face and cold in your bones?

If all five of the elements are balanced in your own human organism, nothing can penetrate you to the point of brainwashing you.  And you will no longer feel the need to use brainwashing as an excused to claim you are a victim.

The mind is your responsibility, and you have all the power in the universe to use your mind to become balanced, empowered, and liberated.  Be careful not to waste energy on emotionally-driven complaints of being brainwashed.  Instead, feel empowered to relate to your mind through your awareness.

Geometry of the Soul series two. Background design of human profile and abstract elements on the subject of spirituality, science, creativity and the mind

Diamond Mind, Creator’s Mind

Day Four

So often the mind is referred to as a “monkey.”  So often, one begins a spiritual practice or a meditation practice and is advised to learn to control that monkey mind.

Let’s not be so hard on the mind.

The mind is there to serve us.  The mind is designed to nurture us.

The mind is a companion that truly desires guidance from the soul.

The mind yearns to meditate.

The mind is our precious gift from our Creator.  The mind has been abuse, neglected and polluted.

The mind can heal.

Relate to the mind with innocence, with gentle love, with compassion.

Relate to the mind with gratitude.  Thank you, Mind, thank you!

Mind Geometry series. Creative arrangement of Human profile math and design elements as a concept metaphor on subject of reason science technology and education
Mind Geometry series. Creative arrangement of Human profile math and design elements as a concept metaphor on subject of reason science technology and education

Diamond Mind, Creator’s Mind

Day Three

The mind produces one thousand thoughts per blink of the eye.  Suppose every one of those were thoughts of devotion, thoughts of prayer, thoughts of discipline, thoughts of song, thoughts of beauty, thoughts of excellence, thoughts of service, thoughts of Beloveds, thoughts of compassion, thoughts of infinity, thoughts of sweet longing, thoughts of grace–wouldn’t that be something?


Diamond Mind, Creator’s Mind

Day Two

While collecting trash, make the mind beautiful.  While cleaning toilets, make the mind beautiful.  While serving others, while healing others, while cleaning up every mess made by mankind, make the mind beautiful.

How does a mind become beautiful?

Chant.  Repeat the Naam.

There are infinite opportunities to make the mind beautiful.  Do not miss a single opportunity to make the mind beautiful.

Every breath (inhale: sat) is an opportunity to make your mind beautiful (exhale: naam).

Make your mind shine.  Chisel your mind into diamond.

What changes a piece of coal to diamond?  Pressure.

What will change your mind to diamond?  Pressure.

Mind the pressure.  Pressure is press and sure.  You can be pressed.  You can be sure. 

You don’t mind your own business.

Mind your own mind.