May You Prosper #10

The more space we can hold between each breath, the more prosperous we become.

There is a beautiful Lakota Prayer that I just adore.  It goes like this:

Great Mystery!  Teach us how to trust our hearts, our minds, our intuitions, our inner knowing, our senses of our bodies, the blessings of our spirits; teach us to trust these things so that we may enter our sacred spaces and love beyond our fears and thus Walk in Balance with the passing of each glorious Sun.

In the Lakota tradition, “Sacred Spaces” refers to the space between each inhale and each exhale.  When we begin to take time to breathe more slowly, a whole universe opens up, and we start to sense more fully the Creative Consciousness that we share and with which we play.

May we trust the infinite within us.  May we trust our infinite creative potential that it shall carry us through every experience in peace, balance, and harmony.

Sat Nam!

Boardwalk through the mangrove forest
Boardwalk through the mangrove forest



May You Prosper #7

“Your consciousness must have mastery over you.  Not your reason, not your logic, not your needs, not your projection and not your life.  When your consciousness states it is not worthwhile, then even if your life may be at stake, let it go.  When you touch that height, God comes to you.”  ~Yogi Bhajan

And there is also a line that is repeated over and over in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib that strongly encourages one to live life as if one is dead while still alive.

What this means to me–at this moment–is that each day I allow experience to move through me, roll around me, flow this way and that.  I engage this life with full enthusiasm, yet some facet of Me is lying in corpse pose, in a state of eternal, peaceful repose.

Yeah.  Who needs to cling to this one human life with ferocious, possessive energy anyway?  Instead, may I cling to the vibration of I am the light of my soul.  I am beautiful.  I am bountiful.  I am bliss. 

Consciousness exists beyond this one lifetime.  So, if this expression exists in a sacred text–this expression that regards life subordinate to  consciousness–what kind of implications does this present for us in times of mass violence?

One implication may be that my mind and my soul can now engage in life with more energy and attention focused on my personal present moment, which is really all I ever have.  I can focus my energy to serve and uplift myself and those around me, rather than being consumed by the loud clamor of mass media, a mass clamor whose reporting repeatedly reminds me that I am supposed to be fearful, on guard, and feeling separated from my fellow human beings.

May we grow more and more fully conscious, aware of our personal power and our bliss, our beauty, and our bounty.  May we grow less enamored with The Times and become more aware of how to bow to the inner wisdom that is timeless.

Please join Spirit Voyage’s Global Meditation to Activate Prosperity.

Sat Nam!





May You Prosper #5

It’s very late, and I must wake early.  Why write?

I feel compelled to send out this prosperity blessing, this wish, hope, desire, vibration, whether it actually reaches a reader or not.

A student came to class today and told me that he felt he was walking a thin line psychologically.  He feels unsafe and wants to protect himself.  His thoughts had been keeping him occupied with two options.  He wondered if it will be enough to send out positive energy from within himself to the universe.  Will inwardly chanting mantras really work to keep him in peaceful environments; likewise, will sending out love vibrations really protect him from the surprise violence of the world?  Alas, this duality irks him: should he remain an unarmed, ordinary, peaceful man who practices yoga?  Or, should he go out a buy a gun to feel he can protect himself?

“So, you feel torn between two options.”  I said.  He nodded.  I smiled.

During the class I placed a kind of intention onto the rippling surface of the sound current.

May we continue to chant and practice, come what may.  The best weapon and the only weapon is our discipline.  All the rest, we must leave it up to grace.  That way we may rest in grace. 

At the end of the class, the student was convinced he did not need to go out a buy a gun.  “If I am faced with the barrel of a gun pointed to my third eye,” he said, pointing, “If I am faced with death, I shall remain fixed, in my mind, on a mantra:   har har har har har har har har har.

Even the flowers, so violently plucked from their roots too soon, freely share their fragrance long after they have been plucked.

May we continue to bow to the wisdom of the flowers.

Please join the global meditation to Activate Prosperity.

Sat Nam!


May You Prosper #3

There’s a mantra I continually repeat, a mantra for protection.  The mantra plays in a loop in some corner of my mind.

Aad Guray Nameh Jugad Guray Nameh Sat Guray Nameh Siri Guroo Devay Nameh

I imagine a column of protective, white light on your left side.

I imagine a column of protective, white light behind your back.

I imagine a column of protective, white light on your right side.

I imagine a column of protective, white light in front of you.

I practice this vision with every being I encounter, every being I think about, every being those beings then touch and encounter.

I feel infinitely blessed that part of my consciousness is devoted to this beautiful exercise of surrounding everyone I can imagine with protective, white light of infinite love.

May you feel truly protected and infinitely loved.

Sat Nam!

May You Prosper #2

Plenty of tragedy.  Plenty of bullets.  Plenty of blood.  Plenty of death.  Plenty of misery.  Plenty of hardship.  Plenty of psychosis and neurosis.  Plenty of anger.  Plenty of fear.  Plenty of pain.  Plenty of illness.  Plenty of social unrest.  Plenty of broken lives.  Plenty of gun-lovers continuing to load guns.  Plenty of violence maintaining its grip on the human mind, heart, imagination, and collective consciousness.

We sure are wealthy in tragedy!  Aren’t we?

A wise, old master once said, “Learn to elevate yourself when calamity hits.”

Chant:  har   har   har   har   har   har   har   har   har   har   har   har   har   har  

The all-loving heartbeat of the universe continues Its Mighty Gentle Pulse, through all tragedy and through all victory.  The all-loving heartbeat of the universe continues its mighty gentle pulse.

har   har   har   har   har   har   har   har   har   har   har   har   har   har   har

Maintain this one, undying commitment and focus:  Always synch up with that mighty gentle all-loving pulse.  You’ll enjoy a wealth of the universe that no bullet or bomb can ever destroy; no terror touches it; no fear dwells there; only cozy warmth that one deeply knows.  It is that simple!  But the way that we humans forget the simplicity of the pulse of divine love, that ends up being the most truly tragic aspect of having this human experience!

If you feel so inspired, please practice the Spirit Voyage Global Sadhana to Activate Prosperity.

har   har   har   har   har   har   har   har   har   har   har   har   har   har   har

Sat Nam!



May You Prosper #1

Plenty of sun today.  Plenty of opportunities to sigh with relief.  Plenty of chances to stretch my limbs.  Plenty of time to inhale.  Plenty of time to exhale.  Plenty of time to practice taking even more time to inhale.  Plenty of time to practice taking even more time to exhale.  Plenty of stillness in that sacred space between.  Wait to inhale.  Wait to exhale.  Pause.  Be long to always belong.

There is the job.  There are the children.  There are the chores.  There is always chaos.

Plenty of room in these shoes for my toes to wiggle and spread.

Plenty of space in my mind for literature, music, finance, news, information, garbage, bull shit, arguments, thoughts, history of the universe, future of the universe, appointments to keep, plans, schedules, obligations, and much, much, more.

Plenty of space in my heart for my prayer that you, Beloved Everyone Beloved Everywhere, enjoy all this prosperity and much, much, more.

If you feel so inspired, please practice the Spirit Voyage Global Sadhana to Activate Prosperity

Sat Nam!