40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day Thirty Four

Meditating while basking in the energy of a full lunar eclipse amplifies the effects of the meditation.

It’s the Chinese Mid-Autumn festival.  Our family gathers on the patio to observe the Moon.  We drink tea.  The children dance and laugh.  The dog rests his chin between his paws.  We observe the eclipsed moon as a dark, blood-red orb.  She gradually removes this veil and reappears in all her silver-white glory.  She reflects.  The oracles guide us to acknowledge this evening as a time for deep reflection and for seeing and understanding that reality is a reflection of who and what we are–our flaws, our greatness, our potential.

Have you heard tell of Yin and Yang, the lovers residing on the moon?  An old legend says that Lady Yin washes Master Yang’s feet in a rose-scented milky way.  Then he combs her hair with a comb made of sun beams.  Once a year, they dance an ecstatic dance that causes an awesome Moonquake.  This seismic activity sends ripples out into Infinity.  Earth receives subtle shifts in its neutron stream.  These shifts effect human beings in a variety of ways from triggering lunatic behavior to inspiring the composition of symphonies and the writing of novels.

It is said that if a human practices a certain pranayama (breathing meditation) during this time, that person will receive the gift of god consciousness.  Here’s the practice:  Inhale deeply.  Gently hold the breath without holding any tension in the body and mentally utter (inwardly utter) the word ecstasy.  Exhale all the air out of the body.  Mentally utter ecstasy.  Inhale and repeat this pattern.  Continue the practice for three minutes.  Then put on some good music and dance.

May you liberate yourself from the tricky influences of the subconscious mind.  May you live according to your god consciousness.  May you know ecstatic, divine love because your nerves are strong, your mind serves your soul, your heart creates miracles, your navel point syncs with the Infinite Pulse.  May your will and Divine Will be One. 

Sat Nam!



40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day Twenty Six

When we agree to accept that each one of us is excellent, with potential beyond what we usually recognize, then we shall become willing to help one another realize that excellence.

May your mind be supported by your will rather than supported by ego.  May you have breadth, quickness, and openness.  May you open up to Infinity and become Infinity.  May you radiate courage and selflessness.  May you understand through compassion.  May angels, saints, and sages accompany you everywhere.  May you smile often.    

Sat Nam!

Mind Geometry series. Creative arrangement of Human profile math and design elements as a concept metaphor on subject of reason science technology and education
Mind Geometry series.

40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day Twenty Five

May we listen.  May the act of listening be the prayer.  May listening be so satisfying to the soul, the mind, the ego, and the body that all become still and conscious and merge listening beings with the sounds of the Infinite Pulse.  May we perceive the sacred essence in all sound.  May we help one another to know divine love through listening.  May our listening grow so sophisticated and sensitive that we may hear the sound of sunlight shining upon each petal of any flower opening into its full bloom.

Sat Nam!


40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day Twenty One

We are all One.

The destinies of all beings are interconnected.

The “Mediation for Word Power” involves coordinating the movement of the navel point squeezing back toward the spine with the movement of the tongue hitting the roof of the mouth. The rhythm is almost like footsteps walking.

May each completion of this movement inside my body be dedicated to those refugees walking to Germany seeking asylum.

I read that 42,000 people a day are driven from their homes. If the number of refugees throughout the world were an entire nation, they would make up the 24th largest nation in the world: The Refugee Nation…

If there are so many seeking refuge out there, then a spiritual person feels compelled to turn deep within and connect with whatever it is inside each one of us that is seeking refuge.

What inside you, Dearest Sweet One, is seeking a safe harbor? In what way do you, Dearest Sweet One, feel driven out of your home? In what way do you feel unwelcome?

Turn inward and connect with that, heal that part of you that is a refugee. Acknowledge that part of you that is a citizen of the Refugee Nation. Seek out, explore, journey to Home. Be unafraid to begin your journey Home. Home, sweet, home.

The refugee is. The cosmos is. The Lord of Miracles is.

May we all find safe and sacred harbors. As challenging as it may be, may we all realize our deep connection to one another. May we desire to realize our connection to one another. May this prayer be with each and every footstep of each and every being who seeks refuge on this planet. May each footfall of those seeking shelter be our collective March on The Cosmos for the cause of our Sacred Right to Love One Another and Free One Another and open up our arms, our homes, our minds, our hearts to anyone who seeks shelter. May the Beloved Creator of All Benevolence and All Sanctuary and the Beloved Creator of Kindness come to serve those who feel desperate, afraid, lost, victimized, forgotten, and cast out. May this prayer be heard and heard over a thousand times a day, as if this tiny prayer is the nagging wife of the Almightiest God. May she scream, “Something Benevolent this way comes!” May it be true.

Sat Nam!

Boardwalk through the mangrove forest
Boardwalk through the mangrove forest

40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day Sixteen

Here is one breath at a time; one line at a time; one word at a time: one stroke, one effort, one chore, one glance, one bite, one inch, one gesture, one turn, one step, one second, one day, another day, another day, and another.  One repetition of the mantra after another.  One strike of the tongue on the upper palate.  One pump of the navel.  One more prayer.

One of our Unknowns is what our life’s finished product actually looks like when we are through with our lifespan’s cycle.  Every thought, every moment, every breath, every dream, every experience accumulates over the years we enjoy on this Earth plane.  In the end, how can we ever know how it all must appear (or seem or feel) from the perspective of Universal Consciousness?

One Generator, Organizer, and Destroyer of All That Is knows all our little ones of this and ones of that and sees all and blesses all with some knowledge and plenty of life force.

Beloved Creator of All That Is, help all beings grow in awareness.  Be with all beings to guide our expansion of consciousness.  Help us all to feel connected, courageous, peaceful, fulfilled, empowered, and healed.  Give us this moment another breath.  Give us a real sense that this one miniscule task we are wrapped up in, no matter how large or small, is truly contributing something essential to the galactic tapestry of beauty, bounty, and bliss!

Sat Nam!


40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day Fifteen

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan offers us detailed teachings on the power of the prayer of the mother for her children.  The prayer of any woman is also said to have extraordinary power.  So, I write tonight with an intention to honor the power of the mother’s and the woman’s prayers.

Recently, I attended an extraordinary concert with the renown musicians Snatam Kaur, Ajeet Kaur, Ezra Landis, Tripp Dudley, and Siri Kirtan Kaur at the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living in Encinitas.  During the concert, Snatam had to tune her guitar before singing “People of Love.”  While tuning the guitar, she chatted with her audience.  She mentioned that her grandfather once told her that his generation’s job was to start the Peace Movement.  So, Snatam’s grandfather added, it would be our generation’s job to take on the challenge of healing the environment.  Snatam ended this little chat with a graceful and gentle reminder: vote for Bernie Sanders.

In the forty or so years (from 1969-2004) that Yogi Bhajan taught in the United States and around the world, he encouraged so many people to pray for peace.  They prayed for peace.  Now, we continue to observe Peace Prayer Day every Summer Solstice.  We have lots of great teachings that guide us to understand that peace is not the destination; peace is the way.  Peace is something we practice, not some utopian ideal to reach.  Peace takes grit, muscle, power, prayer, discipline, courage, courage, courage.  Any nation can build an army and dump way too much money into a military machine.  That’s for sissies.  I’m willing to bet that half the United States Marine Corps would collapse under the physical, mental, and spiritual challenge to hold Wheel Pose for 11 minutes.  But I am going off on some tangent that is likely to throw me way out of my Neutral Mind.

So, I return to a sense of gratitude that a generation of yogis learned directly from Yogi Bhajan while he lived on this Earth plane and were fortunate to pray for peace in his presence.

But he passed out of his human body and dwells in the hearts and minds of those who practice the teachings he shared.  He taught about the Mother’s Prayer.  Being a mother myself, I appreciate these teachings; but practicing to become a more prayerful yogi, I am beginning to appreciate another dimension to the Mother’s Prayer.

So, now that the time has come that our shared environmental crisis has grown desperate.  We need to build a powerful legacy of Earthing that is on par with Peace Prayer Day.  One way to approach this is to pray that we, in our most radiant, collective human consciousness come up with more creative, sustainable, authentic, and lasting solutions to heal our Earth.

But, even more importantly, we must listen.  What is our Mother Earth’s prayer?  Do we have the capacity to listen to the Earth, to communicate–really communicate, prayerfully communicate–with trees, plants, flowers, dirt, stones, water, clouds, animals?  Are we able to hear with open minds and hearts what it is this Earth wants and needs most from her children, from Her Creator, from Her Universe?

Mother Earth, what is your prayer?  What is your wish for your own spiritual destiny?  What is your wish for the destinies of the creatures and beings who regard you as their mother?  I am blessed to be here.  I am blessed to be with you.  I am blessed to be listening.  With a prayerful mind and heart and with open ears and an open inner ear, I bow.

Sat Nam!


40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day 7

Yogi Bhajan taught that “Prayer is not a religious matter of psychological satisfaction. Prayer is a reality.  How you pray doesn’t matter if you touch its inner mechanism and reality.  Prayer is not completed with words.  Prayer is complete with intunement.”

To pray, one must tune in to inward mechanisms.

Recently, a friend asked me to pray for a community threated by wildfires.  I’d never been to the town he asked me to hold in my prayers.  I knew nobody personally, other than my friend who did not even live there now.  Nonetheless, I kept this community and their plight in my awareness.  In meditation, I tried to intune my whole being to my friend and this community.  I sensed anxiety, concern, and fear.  I welcomed all anxiety, concern, fear to rise within me.  I allowed the sensations that anxiety, concern, and fear bring to the body to be there inside my body, inside my tissues, inside my cells; however, I did not attach my identity to anxiety, concern, or fear.  I allowed it to be there without trying to fight it or avoid it.  But I fixed my intuitive identity on my prayer.

“Beloved Creator.  Help those who suffer; make them know deep peace that relieves all suffering.  Help those who fear; make them know great courage to face anything.  Make all beings feel forever exalted for having endured even the smallest amount of hardship and survived.  Sat Nam!”

But prayer is not completed with words.  So I can have all the word power in the world, but if I cannot deliver relief through my intunement, then my prayer will not be effective.  Still, the words are important because they offer comfort.  Whatever comfort the words brought to my body, I sent out to the people of the community threatened by wildfires.  Whatever true and deep relief my prayer offered to me, I consciously extended all those miles away to all those total strangers.

May the inner mechanisms of human consciousness continue to grow and reveal their value to our awakened minds.

Sat Nam!