Diamond Mind, Creator’s Mind

Day Two

While collecting trash, make the mind beautiful.  While cleaning toilets, make the mind beautiful.  While serving others, while healing others, while cleaning up every mess made by mankind, make the mind beautiful.

How does a mind become beautiful?

Chant.  Repeat the Naam.

There are infinite opportunities to make the mind beautiful.  Do not miss a single opportunity to make the mind beautiful.

Every breath (inhale: sat) is an opportunity to make your mind beautiful (exhale: naam).

Make your mind shine.  Chisel your mind into diamond.

What changes a piece of coal to diamond?  Pressure.

What will change your mind to diamond?  Pressure.

Mind the pressure.  Pressure is press and sure.  You can be pressed.  You can be sure. 

You don’t mind your own business.

Mind your own mind.


40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day Thirty Nine

Beloved Everywhere,  This is my conscious prayer.

May the human family learn to thrive and be happy under the increased levels of pressure that we are all experiencing.  May we train our minds and intuition to perceive inner dimensions while the senses navigate the outer world with dignity and grace.  May more and more souls chose to experience the sacred sound current as a way to elevate the frequencies of the mind’s thought waves.  May we all come to understand the significance of every word we speak and every word we think.  May we accept, take responsibility for, and acknowledge that our words create our world.  May we come to celebrate that by tuning in to our inner sounds, and by harmonizing those inner sounds with sacred sounds, we experience our inner wisdom and merge with the vast awareness of Divine Silence.  If only one being on this planet experiences Divine Silence, may that one experience elevate every being. May collective human consciousness know deep and perfect ease with All That Is.

Sat Nam!


40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day Thirty Seven

May you always remember the Great Giver of All That Is, and may HeSheIt bestow many, many gifts upon you.  Receive gifts of prana, boundless energy and vitality.  Receive gifts of prosperity, wealth and success.  Receive gifts of god consciousness, deep sensory wisdom and refined subtle awareness of your existence and its miraculous contribution to the Divine Creation!

Sat Nam!