40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day 40

Wahe Guru!

On this day, 40 years ago, this world pulled me into its vortex, its whirling totality of wisdom, misery, joy, horror, sweetness, anxiety, ecstasy, color, and resonating silence.  I am infinitely grateful for every opportunity to grow my soul.

To celebrate my birthday, I meditated for 40 days using two meditations that, according to the teachings of the Kundalini Yoga tradition, are supposed to make my prayers effective.

Recently, I happened to choose “Mother Mary” from an Oracle Card deck.  The meaning of the card said, “All your prayers answered.”  The explanation promised, without a doubt, that all I prayed for shall come to be.

Really?  Over these 40 days I have prayed for so much.  I have prayed such vast and ambitious prayers.  I have consciously explored beyond any limits to the prayers of the infinite Self that needn’t heed boundaries and limitations.  I have engaged in authentic communication with the unknown parts of my Self.  I have fallen deeply and madly in love with the Unknown.  And this is the beginning!

Whether or not prayers are answered is far less important to me than this relationship I have forged with my Self and with Infinity, a relationship held fast by prayer.

May this loving prayer be with you when you need a friend.  May your prayers be heard and answered and adored and echoed and sung and praised and forgotten and discovered and remembered.  May your prayers be a source of healing, relief, comfort, connection, and strength for all beings.  May your prayers be unafraid to explore the Unknown, engage the Unknown, make love to the Unknown.  May prayer be a constant companion that wells up in your heart when you least expect it.  May your prayer continue to overwhelm you with blissful divine love.  May you be always and ever renewed and aware in your relationship to the One.  And may the pure light within you guide your way on!

Sat Nam!

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40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day Thirty Nine

Beloved Everywhere,  This is my conscious prayer.

May the human family learn to thrive and be happy under the increased levels of pressure that we are all experiencing.  May we train our minds and intuition to perceive inner dimensions while the senses navigate the outer world with dignity and grace.  May more and more souls chose to experience the sacred sound current as a way to elevate the frequencies of the mind’s thought waves.  May we all come to understand the significance of every word we speak and every word we think.  May we accept, take responsibility for, and acknowledge that our words create our world.  May we come to celebrate that by tuning in to our inner sounds, and by harmonizing those inner sounds with sacred sounds, we experience our inner wisdom and merge with the vast awareness of Divine Silence.  If only one being on this planet experiences Divine Silence, may that one experience elevate every being. May collective human consciousness know deep and perfect ease with All That Is.

Sat Nam!


40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day Thirty Five

What an almighty challenge it is to live according to consciousness!  Every moment presents enormous challenge.  All the varieties of personalities and energies to work with!  All the bizarre distractions and overload to the nervous system!  All the tragedies and celebrations! All the zombies who are totally indifferent or checked out!  All the over dramatization and sensationalizing and celebrity and too-cool-for-school irreverence!

My meditation practice saved me today.  There were certain moments and situations in which it would have been easier and more comfortable, more habitual, to fall into the behavior patterns and thought patterns that occur when I rely on my ego, my emotions, or my intelligence in certain trying moments.  But, I am slowing my breath and reminding myself to remain fully conscious, fully alert, ready at any moment to face Life’s challenges with dignity, grace, and consciousness.

What helped today?  The image of the white light growing and expanding out from my heart center worked miracles in keeping me in my consciousness.  This vision is a skill I refined practicing this Isht Sodhana Mantra Kriya, and because I’ve been practicing every day, the vision just came into my mind when I needed it, as if it had been gifted to me by a generous Muse.  Receiving the gift was pure delight, and I was astonished at how much this helped.  As soon as I envisioned the white light growing and glowing and expanding from the center of my heart out into the universe, a divine grace intervened in my predicament, and the energy around the predicament changed.  The predicament is still there, but the energy around it is different; now, I have such clarity about the situation that I can move forward relying on my intuitive poise.

I’m feeling blessed to be cozying up to the flow of grace.

May you enjoy the flow of grace in each moment.  May your soul be served by your own beautiful, intuitive poise.  May the pure light of consciousness become your habitual way of being! 

Sat Nam!


40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day Twenty Five

May we listen.  May the act of listening be the prayer.  May listening be so satisfying to the soul, the mind, the ego, and the body that all become still and conscious and merge listening beings with the sounds of the Infinite Pulse.  May we perceive the sacred essence in all sound.  May we help one another to know divine love through listening.  May our listening grow so sophisticated and sensitive that we may hear the sound of sunlight shining upon each petal of any flower opening into its full bloom.

Sat Nam!


40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day Twenty One

We are all One.

The destinies of all beings are interconnected.

The “Mediation for Word Power” involves coordinating the movement of the navel point squeezing back toward the spine with the movement of the tongue hitting the roof of the mouth. The rhythm is almost like footsteps walking.

May each completion of this movement inside my body be dedicated to those refugees walking to Germany seeking asylum.

I read that 42,000 people a day are driven from their homes. If the number of refugees throughout the world were an entire nation, they would make up the 24th largest nation in the world: The Refugee Nation…

If there are so many seeking refuge out there, then a spiritual person feels compelled to turn deep within and connect with whatever it is inside each one of us that is seeking refuge.

What inside you, Dearest Sweet One, is seeking a safe harbor? In what way do you, Dearest Sweet One, feel driven out of your home? In what way do you feel unwelcome?

Turn inward and connect with that, heal that part of you that is a refugee. Acknowledge that part of you that is a citizen of the Refugee Nation. Seek out, explore, journey to Home. Be unafraid to begin your journey Home. Home, sweet, home.

The refugee is. The cosmos is. The Lord of Miracles is.

May we all find safe and sacred harbors. As challenging as it may be, may we all realize our deep connection to one another. May we desire to realize our connection to one another. May this prayer be with each and every footstep of each and every being who seeks refuge on this planet. May each footfall of those seeking shelter be our collective March on The Cosmos for the cause of our Sacred Right to Love One Another and Free One Another and open up our arms, our homes, our minds, our hearts to anyone who seeks shelter. May the Beloved Creator of All Benevolence and All Sanctuary and the Beloved Creator of Kindness come to serve those who feel desperate, afraid, lost, victimized, forgotten, and cast out. May this prayer be heard and heard over a thousand times a day, as if this tiny prayer is the nagging wife of the Almightiest God. May she scream, “Something Benevolent this way comes!” May it be true.

Sat Nam!

Boardwalk through the mangrove forest
Boardwalk through the mangrove forest

40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day Twenty

Words don’t complete a prayer.  Intunement  completes a prayer.  Intunement involves vibrating prayer.

So, I am becoming more aware that with each new day, my whole being is shifting into a prayerful attitude in practically every situation that I am in.  When I am driving, I am praying.  When I am eating, I am praying.  When I am scolding my children, I am praying.  It doesn’t matter what I am engaged in from day-to-day, my consciousness is yoked to prayer. 

What this means for me is that I engage in no frivolous communication.  Every communication I have with another being is infused with prayer.  We may seem to be saying something very mundane, like, “Thank you.”  or “Please.”  But something more is exchanged in the communication because I am engaged in a perpetual prayer.

This is an extraordinary, beautiful, and utterly surprising benefit of this meditation practice.  Every interaction I enjoy is enriched by prayer.  I am bursting with joy!

May deep joy penetrate every fiber of this entire universe so that we who endure the deepest sadness may feel ever held in a warm embrace of The Beloved One Who Knows Our Hearts.  May joy spring from the unknowable places within us and give us the strength to uplift one another through our shared Divine Joy.

Sat Nam!


40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day Thirteen

Perhaps prayer is not answered.  Prayer is effective.  Prayer is a dialogue with the Creator of All That Is; you yourself are one creator of All Creation who is conversing with All Creation’s Creator.  Worry not over prayer being received, heard, or answered.  Articulate the prayer with clarity, power, and grace.  Put all your energy into the prayer.  Attach the mind to prayer, and become a thirsty songbird who has found, at last, a drop of rain.  The unknown becomes known; the unheard, heard; the unseen, seen.

May this mind attach to prayer and this heart beat to the rhythm of wisdom, compassion, and miracles.

“Prayer is the ray of the soul.”  ~Yogi Bhajan

Sat Nam!


40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day #2

I recall a prayer I learned to recite during my Lutheran upbringing: “Our Father who Art in Heaven, hollowed by thy name…” The Lord’s Prayer was a ritual, some words I had to memorize. I enjoy the rhythm of the words as much now as I did back when I was learning it. I enjoy my memories of an entire congregation reciting the words together. Oh, our synchronicity! Oh, our collective appeal to the Almighty to “give us this day our daily bread!” We’re in this together. All in need of bread! I recall beautiful, elevating moments attending church services on Sunday.

I also recall my young mind trying to fit some kind of image to those words. “Our Father,” was an enormous grandfather who wore a long robe and had a white beard as shiny as the moon. “Heaven” was a place inhabited by disembodied choir voices and winged angels who played flying harps. “Hollowed be thy Name” meant nothing much to me, except for maybe some level of awareness that it is not polite to say, “God Dammit!” or “Jesus Christ!” when you stub your toe.

As a child, I never would have dreamt that prayer would have anything to do with the muscle plexus just beneath my belly button, called my navel point. Surely my tongue moved around in my mouth when I recited the Lord’s Prayer, but I thought absolutely nothing of it. So, how would I ever conceive that in order for my prayer to be powerful and effective, I should synchronize the movements of my navel point pumping and the tip of my tongue hitting the roof of my mouth?

I am grateful I know the experience of reciting the Lord’s Prayer in a congregation of hundreds as well as I know the experience of deeply meditating on the sensations of my navel point snapping back toward my spine at the same time tip of my tongue hits the roof of my mouth.  They are experiences I can add to the record of experiences that make up the genetic code of my existence.  They are experiences that qualify as dharma, all expressions of my devotion to the divine.  Wonder how many of these I can accumulate today–if you are reading this, may one thousand blessings shower upon you, oh Beloved!

After practicing Day One of the Meditation for Word Power, every time I said or thought the name “Albert,” my husband called.  (Albert happens to be his name.)  Also, this is subtle and may only be my fantasy, but I think I noticed my children were slightly more attentive when I spoke to them.  But…I do not want to promote an effect of a meditation that is simply my wishful projection and not a real effect.  If my children really were more attentive, it’s too soon to celebrate that for fear of jinxing it.  But wouldn’t that be every parent’s prayer answered–imagine if there were a meditation that could work to help a mother’s words penetrate her children’s ears!  Oh, what bliss!

Prayer for today, August 26 (Yogi Bhajan’s birthday):

May all children grow so deeply attentive and alert that they hang on their wise mother’s every word. May they obey, obey, obey in order to one day, in their turn, be able to gracefully command, command, command! May a mother, if she so pleases, be attentive to her navel point and her tongue. May She ever increase her word power!

“Those who do not learn to obey shall never command.”  Yogi Bhajan

Sat Nam!