Conscious Handwashing

Conscious Handwashing

In uncertain times, what can we do? While we are staying at home, we can certainly wash our hands, consciously! And there is a way to get really into washing our hands without becoming obsessive-compulsive germaphobes.

I appreciate the World Health Organization’s short video tutorial on the proper way to wash our hands. Washing every surface of the hands is proven to be an effective way to reduce the spread of viruses. So let us hope that if we have the resources, we have started to pay much closer attention to washing our hands with these precious resources: soap, water, and mindfulness.

Columbia University School of Nursing’s Handwashing expert, Elaine Larson says, “quality handwashing matters just as much as quantity. Count to twenty seconds, sing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song twice — heck, blow through a whole aria — but it will be for naught if you are not washing every surface of your hand.”

Good advice. Wash every surface. But let’s also contemplate beyond the surface.

As a yogi, I would like to take the handwashing protocol a step further, if I may. From a yogic perspective, the whole routine of washing every surface of the hands will be for naught if we do not bring our most expanded awareness to our actions. Yes, wash every surface of the physical hands; but also, involve every layer of being in the action of washing hands.

Health professionals tell us that washing hands is the most cost-effective way to reduce the spread of respiratory infections. Good news. When we are deeply mindful, there is also a deeper effect than monetary savings. To yogis, any activity that involves our attention on the subtle levels of being can and does impact our physical well-being. If we make it a practice not only to concentrate on the act but also to personally consecrate the action of washing our hands, this subtle level sacred offering can be a simple way to achieve collective upliftment in the collective human subconscious. Bringing consciousness of the subtle realms during this time of social, physical “isolation” can help mitigate the stress we may experience from isolation. Also, bringing more sacredness and consciousness to the action of washing our hands can prevent the routine from becoming a boring, mindless chore. Instead, washing our hands will be a sadhana (a consciousness practice). Plus, making it sacred helps avoid making handwashing an obsessive-compulsive habit done out of fear.

This blog post offers a way to make handwashing into a yoga kriya that will activate multiple layers of experience. We will slow down, bring new consciousness to handwashing; plus, during this time when yoga studios are closed, washing your hands can be your yoga practice (please remember, yoga is not only asana / postural practice).

What is a Yoga Kriya?

A yoga kriya is a series of connected movements that infuse a certain kind of energy and consciousness into these movements. Yoga kriya gets us involved in our actions beyond physical experience. So, not only do the exercises engage the physical body, but they coordinate the physical body to harmonize with the mental body, the breath, the intuition, and non-physical dimension that, once we touch it, makes us blissful.

Why Practice a Yoga Kriya?

Yogis make it a practice to bring a certain frequency of consciousness to every movement, every action of every day. One way to do this is to internally chant a mantra while going about the day. This means that for a yogi, the advice to “slowly count to 20 or sing happy birthday while you wash your hands” seems frivolous or mindless in a way that risks not bringing multi-dimensional, slowed, calibrated attention to the task. When we wash our hands as a yoga kriya, we create an opportunity to bring more dimensional quality to our attention, and perhaps even give a sacred sense to our handwashing.

This yoga kriya involves all that we are in a slowed down moments when we are washing our hands. Please note, this practice is not coming from any yoga lineage, culture, or institution. This handwashing yoga kriya emerged due to our shared experience, and it is a kriya that invites you into the moment washing your hands to play and just be you here.

Handwashing Yoga Kriya Instructions (video is below)

  • Stand before a wash basin with hands in prayer mudra. Breathe long and deep for three long, slow, deep breaths. Be present with this moment as if you are in the presence of someone or something that you hold dear. In other words, bring a sense of endearment, or even sacredness, to this present moment.
  • Now open the palms and face the palms forward at the level of the shoulders. Continue to breathe deeply, and visualize a warm, white light beaming out from the centers of your palms. Greet the air around your hands with gratitude. Feel gratitude towards the air, the hands, and the breath. Dwell in gratitude with deep awareness of the element air.
  • Turn the water on and allow water to flow over the hands. Greet the water with gratitude.
  • Turn off the water (conserve water), and soap the hands.
  • Chant the Yoga Yoga Yogeshwaraya chant (or any mantra you like) with the movements:

Yoga Yoga Yogeshwaraya

( Move palms together in circles, circle in one direction then circle back. )

Bhuta Bhuta Bhuteshwaraya

( Touch all fingertips of one hand to opposite palms then move in circles,

left then right )

Kala Kal Kaleshwaraya

( Wring fingers within fisted palms, like wringing water out of a wet cloth, left on top then right on top. )

Shiva Shiva Sarveshwaraya

( Rub or massage interlaced fingers extended, right over left then left over right. )

Shambho Shambho Mahadevaya

( Rub or massage left thumb with right hand;

rub right thumb with left hand. )

  • Repeat the chant with movements, at least three times with soap.
  • If possible, use elbow to turn on the faucet and rinse the hands in a conscious set of hand positions: 1. Cup the hands to receive the water. 2. Turn fingers toward the drain, and let the water run off the hands. 3. Press palms together and rub in a circular motion under the water stream.
  • Use elbow to turn faucet off. Shake hands. Feel the air and water interacting. Feel the drops falling off the skin. Be so present with the elements of air and water that you identify with them. Gently towel dry with a clean towel.
  • Bring palms facing up just in front of shoulders and breathe long and deep for a few moments.
  • Inhale and bring hands up to the sky arms at 60 degree angle. Lift your heart closer to the sky. Feel lift in the rib cage. Feel more length in the spine. Feel the hands lifting up. Feel weightless.
  • Inhale, hold, engage the internal locks (the bandhas) from the root lock to the Jiva Bhanda. Close the eyes and roll the eyeballs as if to look through the top of the head. Engage all the locks, not in a forced way, in a gentle way. Root lock means tightening the muscles in the anus, sex organs and navel point. Feel the vertebra in the neck are lengthened not crushed. Apply Jiva Banda, which means press the tongue against the roof of the mouth. Just be sure you are concentrating on this internal muscle squeeze and pull up at the end of washing your hands. This internal pressure is what creates the difference between handwashing being a yoga kriya and handwashing being a mindless routine. The idea is to pull internal energy up the spine using these locks. (Note: the chin does not pull down to the chest as in Hatha Yoga style Jalandahara Bandha; the idea here is to keep the neck tall and pull energy all the way to the crown by rolling the eyes upward.)
Where the banhas are located, engage them gently. No need to pull the bandhas as intensely as you might during asana practice.
This image is more like Kechari Mudra where the tongue is curled and pulled back. That is not necessary here. Simply pressing the tongue to the roof is Jiva Bandha. Jiva Bandha is sufficient for our purposes here in handwashing kriya.
  • With the breath held in and the locks applied, hold. Visualize the rays of the sun stretching into the palms of the hands. Feel absolute union with all that is. Feel palpable silence here, and dwell in that silence for as long as is comfortable.
  • Remain in this position and visualization with the exhale, gently throw all the breath out as you release the locks. When all the breath is out, engage all those locks inside the body again. On the exhale, include the diaphragm lock (called Uddiyana Bandha) in which muscles pull the diaphragm up into the rib cage (again, engage it gently, probably no need to do it full on). Again dwell in the palpable silence as long as possible while in a state of being absolutely empty.
  • Inhale and exhale powerfully and lower the arms to bring the hands back into palms pressed together at the heart canter. Send out an intention for health, union, peace, restoration, any creative intention…

May we treasure the unity the world is experiencing now because we are all facing the same challenge. The virus recognizes no national borders, but, hey, neither does human consciousness. The virus is a spiritual teacher in a sense that it is making us appreciate those things we take for granted and making us slow down and go within (plus it is a cruel teacher and often times spiritual teachers get cruel with us). May anyone who feels comforted by this know that I am here, consecrating my handwashing routine, and dedicating my clean hands and my clean heart to the health and wellness of all beings everywhere. Sat Nam! Namaskaram! Amen!

Instructional Video

Please view this instructional video if you prefer video over the text.

If you feel called, please donate whatever you can to the frontline responders combating COVID19. Thank you!

Get supplies to frontline responders combating COVID19!

Magdalen Yoga

Magdalen Yoga

Magdalen Yoga

is a simple practice for anyone to practice daily. Practice lovingly.

Unite With Sutras

First, Gently Allow Consciousness to Echo These Sutras:

Woman, Rise as Dawn.

Woman, Your Touch is a High Honor.

Woman, Your Body is Sacred Geometry.

Woman, Your Mind is a Consecrated Altar.

Woman, Your Emotions Carry All Across Oceans of Love.

Woman, Your Voice Vibrates Goddess Joy,

Goddess Laughter, an Awakened Song.

A Woman’s Heartbeat is the Kiss of the Divine.

A Woman’s Breath Nurtures God’s Breath Unto Eternal Life.

Woman, Feel Empowered Through Your Sensuality.

Woman, Know Divinity with Desire.

We See: Women Embody Ancient Temple of Isis Teachings.

Her Every Blink of Her Eyes Releases 1,000 Healing Truths.

She Knows How To Create Absolute Union

of the Earthly, Animal, Etheric, and Astral Realms.

Tune In

Aum Dum Durgaye Namaha

                             Aum Dum Durgaye Namaha

                             Aum Dum Durgaye Namaha

                             Aum Dum Durgaye Namaha

                             Aum Dum Durgaye Namaha

Breathe and Move

Surya Namaskar Above Her and Surya Namaskar Below Her

Chandra Namaskar to Her Left and Chandra Namaskar to Her Right

Shiva Namaskar Within Her and Shiva Namaskar Without Her

She Relaxes in Yoga Mudra, Timeless, the Beginning, the Now, and the Future are With Her while She Relaxes Here in Yoga Mudra Breathing Lovingly and Slowly and As Deeply As The Deepest, Darkest Rishi Cave.

She Balances in Vrksasana, and She Is With Every Tree In Perfect Balance.

She Dies in Shivasana; She is Reborn in Shivasana.


She Wakens Into This Simple Meditation:

She Sits with a Rising Spine.

She Chants Aum Dum Durgaye Namaha infinitely, slowly, quietly, and lovingly on each chakra within the body and above the body and below the body.


She Closes Her Practice With Her Own Prayer to the Creatrix

May All beings Be Free. May All Beings Be Filled With The Peace Within Maaaaa. Shri Maaaaa. Hari Maaaa. Jai Maaaa.

Aum Shanti Shanti Shantihi

{Secret Note: There is a Secret Mantra Flowing Beneath This Practice: No Need To Chant This, Just Practice To Hear It Far Below; The Earth is Chanting This Beneath Far Below In Her Deep Down Voice:

Buddum Sharanam Gacchami

Dhammam Saranam Gacchami

Sangham Sharanam Gacchami}

Jean Vanier and Yogi Bhajan

Jean Vanier and Yogi Bhajan

Jean Vanier was a Catholic humanitarian who founded L’Arche, an uplifting community for people with disabilities. Yogi Bhajan was a Sikh humanitarian who founded 3HO, a community for sharing the teachings of a particular style of kundalini yoga. Both men made choices in their lifetimes over which their respective communities are now grieving.

I have discovered something of a solution to this problem, but I know it is a solution this world may not yet be ready to embrace. Here on this humble blog, I call in the presence of the Cosmic Mothers. May the Cosmic Mothers be witness to the words I carefully offer here. May the Cosmic Mothers bless and protect the seeds these words plant.

The On Being Project’s founder Krista Tippett made a response to L’Arche’s independent investigation into what happened with Jean Vanier’s sexual behavior. In this response, Krista expresses grief, horror, and acknowledges that there are no saints. She even briefly mentions a concept of “soul-stealing.” I wished she could have gone deeper into this concept of soul-stealing. Most importantly, I wish to urge listeners to witness, critically, that she ends the statement referring to the tension of Jean Vanier’s poor choice behaviors with the beautiful creation he left us. She acknowledges this tension as potentially educational. So, I thrive on tension, let me go dive into the tension with exuberance! Weee!

In the epicenter of this tension, I sing: the credit for that beautiful creation of L’Arche lies just as much, or even more, with the women he had sex with.

Also, credit lies with all the people who stepped in to help co-create L’Arche and keep it going. In retrospect, did we really need to overly venerate this one particular man who was just like everyone else in that he likes to have sex? Perhaps we need to be more careful about directing an unhealthy amount of energy and focus on celebrity building and gazing. Everyone may be thinking it is most important to be moral in our sexuality, but this means we deny the power, sacredness, and need to be creative, playful, and happy with sexual energy. When it comes to these monumental scandals, there will be much less need to feel shame and horror over sexual encounters if we can laud the women just as much as Vanier as heroes and creators of the beauty of L’Arche. Alternatively, do not laud any heroes at all. Why are we so obsessed with sex scandals and celebrity gossip anyway? What is this obsession teaching us about human consciousness? How can we use this obsession’s energy to fuel an even better collective good for all beings?

One thing we might do is see that women who have sexual relations with powerful humanitarian men need to be given credit for fueling the man’s accomplishments.

By having sex with these women, Vanier didn’t exactly soul steal. He soul collaborated.

In sex, our souls collaborate.

But Vanier was never given a way to publicly express his gratitude for the great soul collaboration. Most likely he probably just forgot about the women. Who knows what the sex meant to his mind? Maybe he thought it was a flash-in-the-pan conquest. Maybe he just needed to release some tension. We could never know for sure, and most people are probably too prudish or fearful or immature to consciously investigate along these lines. But I would venture to guess that Vanier did not, in his mind, give these women any credit for what he accomplished.

But his soul did give them credit. Bless his soul.

So to my perception, whatever he created, these women also created.

When women come forward to share their stories of having sexual relations with these renown men – consensual or not – might we be able to see that these women are equally heroic to these men? These women played a vital role in whatever the men brought forth because the men received a significant amount of creative energy through that sexual encounter. When a man unites with a woman in any kind of intercourse, even if it is only through words, the two become instantaneous co-creators, there is an exchange on the level of the subtle body that the ancient Egyptians referred to as “entwining of the four cobras.” It is not something to be ashamed of; this is something to be celebrated, studied, practice in safe, sacred, and reverent ways, and taught to our future generations. We must call in the Cosmic Mothers. They can teach us the knowledge of Entwining the Four Cobras. This knowledge is every bit as subtle, sophisticated, and beautiful as Calculus; so we must welcome it with our whole connected and collaborative human creative intelligence.  

After listening to Krista, whom I adore and admire greatly, I see that her podcast mentions Jean Vanier’s name over and over. Sadly, this means that he is the one we will remember, the one we will hold in our immediate awareness. This makes it seem that he is the one that this was all about; but that is not the whole picture, now, is it? Instead of seeing more clearly, the whole revelation of his sexual intimacies gets characterized as immoral. Look, much more tragic than sex relations (which is just common bodily behavior, um, he was a guy; he had sex; so?) is that we bury the presence of the women into the unknown subconscious where they remain obscured. The sex is not the scandal, ignoring the women is the scandal.

For imagination’s sake, let’s just pretend that we live in a world that has different consciousness codes regarding sexual intimacy…

In such a world, we would know the women’s names. In such a world, the women would not be kept secret and remain unknown with the weight of shame on the women only. In such a world, the Comic Mothers consciousness would be understood and venerated. Women in their creative essence and power would be on absolute equal par with men.

If we are to continue venerating him, we must also venerate her. Otherwise, we must now get beyond our obsessions with veneration altogether. 

Same with Yogi Bhajan and Premka; imagine a world in which we are able to venerate both or else trash both together. They’re equal.


Beloved Creatrix, please allow the Earth’s magnetic field to open for the Cosmic Mothers to pay human consciousness a much longed-for visit. We adore you and venerate you, dearest Cosmic Mothers. We have prepared for your coming by seeing a crisis for what it is – an opportunity to expand consciousness. Infinite gratitude to the Cosmic Mothers who are listening.

© Rebecca Jane Yogi Ma, All Rights Reserved, 2020

Premka Master’s Touch

Premka Master’s Touch

All feelings aside now for this moment, regard Premka and Yogi Bhajan as absolute equals in all ways; men and women are equals under divine law. Within yourself, please create a very intense sense of union. Be in a state of yoga. Sun and moon united. Heaven and Earth united. Good and bad. Up and down. In and out. All united. Dwell in unity consciousness. Anger and bliss united. Yogi Bhajan and Pamala Dyson united. Men and Women united. Masculine and Feminine united. Your whole inner being unified. Collective consciousness unified. Remain with this one space.

Cosmic Mothers Meditation 1

Meditation for Being Within and Being Without the “Golden Cage.”

Be comfortable in a seated position with a tall spine. Close your eyes and keep them focused on the Third Eye point between the eyebrows. Keep your hands resting on your knees in Gyan Mudra (index finger and thumbs touch). Breathe slowly and deeply so that the breath feels eternal. Eternal inhale. Eternal exhale. Breathe more and more slowly with each breath. Breathe so slowly that it is as if you are not breathing at all. And just listen, listen, listen. Listen as if your ears are God’s ears and you can hear every prayer. Try to match the slowness of each breath to the slowness of the opening of a rose. When you reach a state of timelessness, internally roar these words: Be Free!

Inhale deeply and release a long Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh sound followed by a quiet hum!

Sing yourself a lullaby.



Beloved Creatrix playing and laughing everywhere, may every consciousness in every realm and dimension feel absolutely unified in realizing Men and Women are absolutely equal; they have equal rights under the divine law, which was true in the beginning, is true now, and shall forever and ever be true. Amen.

© Rebecca Jane Johnson Yogi Ma All Rights Reserved, 2020

As Taught By Cosmic Mothers

As Taught By Cosmic Mothers

Pamela Saharah Dyson’s memoir _Premka: White Bird in a Golden Cage: My Life with Yogi Bhajan_ teaches us that human consciousness must grow beyond patriarchal hierarchy in the spiritual dimension. Yogi Bhajan treated people cruelly. We knew this even before Pamela’s book came out. I stand firm in my inner intuitive awareness that spiritual teachings do not need to be taught through cruel manipulation of people’s energies and psyches.

I have abandoned my yoga teaching position at Cosmic Flow yoga because what I read in Pamela’s book confirmed my long-time suspicions that something was deeply flawed at the heart-center of this quirky style of yoga. I suspected it was flawed because of the ways that I have been spiritually, psychologically, financially, and socially manipulated by kundalini yoga organizations and kundalini yoga people stuck in hierarchical ways of being, even one inauthentic leader who paraded as an advanced teacher. But now I am so sad to see further that Pamela’s spiritual family did to her what the Christian church did to Mary Magdelen. Please read _The Magdalen Manuscript_ by Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion.

Maybe look at it this way. If you are one who is inclined to see meaning in past lives, try to see it this way: Women who surrounded Yogi Bhajan in his inner circle were past life adepts in ancient Egyptian Cosmic Mother Temple of Isis Creatrix lineages. I bow to these women and I welcome their stories. I want to hear the story of the creation of this style of yoga as if these women had been all along the ones who shared a collective seat of honor with the Mahan Tantric yogi bhajan. The true story is that he is not the only one who built this family. Truly, it was a collaboration of energies. If he was making love to these women, it was because it influenced the flow of Creative kundalini. Don’t you think this is an essential aspect of the teachings that we ought to study deeply without acting like a bunch of prudes and victims in tight-ass sex-denial? We are yogis for crying out loud! The body, with all its functions, is a temple and what we choose to do with it matters! So, yes I want to hear the women of the inner circle speak their own true stories, every raw detail. I am listening. To what degree did having these kinds of relations and manipulating people on every level impact Yogi Bhajan’s kundalini energy inside his physical, emotional, and spiritual body? Too bad we cannot ask him this now because he is dead. Because the way he manipulated people killed him too soon. But we can listen to women. Well, then …

I want Kundalini Yoga as Taught by the Cosmic Mothers!

Dead is the era when all the master spiritual teachers are those men who have grown long beards. Dead are the times when there is a master up on a pedestal who is surrounded by adoring servants / disciples. Grieve. Move on.

Life itself is a spiritual teacher. And in case you haven’t noticed, life is filled with men AND women. And, in case you haven’t noticed, women have messages that need to be heard, integrated, and celebrated. We need the WHOLE story if we are to be happy, healthy, holy.

Long-bearded teachers, I have listened to your wisdom for thousands of years. But now, we are going to explore and expand our consciousness beyond the wisdom of the bearded sage. Because as we have learned collectively from our experience, the men with the long beard who we venerate as our spiritual leaders, while sure they have raised our consciousness to some degree, they have also revealed their limits. I have proffered my respect to the bearded teachers long enough; now, I want to expand beyond.

I call upon Isis, Hathor, Green Tara, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalen, Quan Yin, White Buffalo Woman, the Sophia Dragons, Riva Djinn, and Rebecca Jane.

Stay Awake: A Poem

Stay awake beyond the last mantra chanted by all bearded teachers.

Stay awake beyond the last fire burned to ashes.

Stay awake beyond birth pains, life well-lived, and graceful death.

Stay awake beyond the rise and fall of every empire.

Stay awake beyond the comings and goings of loved ones, illustrious ones, and enemies.

Stay awake beyond the in and out of every breath of every life.

Stay awake beyond sacred fire’s ash gone cold.

Stay awake beyond Iron Ages, Ice Ages, Fire Ages, Space Ages, and Aquarian Ages.

Stay awake beyond the ruin and repair of all lonely planets.

Stay awake beyond the dissolution and renewal of the cosmos.

Stay awake beyond union and reunion with the cosmic consciousness.

Stay awake beyond the primal dance with the beloved Many rising lingams with coiled yonis.

Stay awake, beloved yogi, beyond the 108 elements.

Stay rooted awake rising awake.

Stay way awake way beyond billennial dawnbreak bliss and blow        

Riva Djinn, poet genie  


May those stuffy official organizations drop their “third party investigation” and just INCLUDE Premka alongside The Master’s Touch in their Level One Teacher Training curriculum … or not … ha ha … so? what’s the big deal?! Infinite gratitude to the Beloved Creatrix who hears this playful, solitary, mother’s prayer. A Hum!

© Rebecca Jane Johnson Yogi Ma All Rights Reserved, 2020

Love China Immune Boost

Love China Immune Boost

My dear mother-in-law and father-in-law live in Guangzhou. They have been staying inside their apartment for a month. So, I am practicing this meditation here, setting intentions to help, and sending good vibes their way. Though I have offered to teach there, no one in Guangzhou has ever expressed any interest in learning meditation from me; and, our practice being the way it is, we do not proselytize. But if anyone is ever interested in inviting me to teach meditation and yoga in China, I am here. We are family, and we visit every year. Please reach out.

Visit this link for a meditation practice that strengthens the immune system:

Beloved China, May you find conscious ways to pull through this health challenge. May you continue to dazzle the world with your infinite resilience. Sat Naam!

© Rebecca Jane Johnson Yogi Ma All Rights Reserved, 2020

Pause is Praise

Pause is Praise

The full moon is a time to feel content and complete (well, if you think about it from the moon’s perspective, the moon is always, always full; oh, beloved friend, She is so full!). Now is a good time as any to set foot upon the grass and then claim absolute and definitive ecstatic union with the universe.


I walk to the top of Mount Soledad where there is a veterans memorial. I kick off my shoes and stand in my bare feet and look out over the city, the shore, and the sea. I quietly say, “I claim absolute and definitive ecstatic union with the universe!” Whether or not my ego or mind or society or family or anyone thinks this is true does not matter. What matters is the internal proclamation. Proclaiming absolute and definitive ecstatic union with the universe feels good. And it even smells and tastes good when the sensory system is tuned up.

So it may seem the distracted world is mired in conflict and distress. Now, take this quiet morning to contemplate Yeshua’s Beloved Magdalen describing this as “the beginning of the end of time,” let us pause! Pause is praise! Let us listen! “the beginning of the end of time” is a phrase used by Mary Magdalen in her The Magdalen Manuscript, channeled by Tom Kenyon and written with Judi Sion. Slowly contemplate “the beginning of the end of time.” I understand the “beginning of the end of time” not as a statement warning us of the end of human existence. Whether human extinction is on the horizon or not is not the point of this phrase. The “beginning of the end of time” refers to a state of consciousness: if you are one of the fortunate beings who reads and adores The Magdalen Manuscript, you will be entering your consciousness into the beloved state of Timelessness.

Meditation Technique

Whatever is in your immediate reality right now, listen for something in the distance. Stay very still within your being, and listen for as long as is comfortable for you. After listening to that very faint, very distant sound for a few moments or however long you wish, consciously create that amount of space between you and whatever it is that is happening in your here and now reality. However, the trick is to remain absolutely engaged in your here and now reality as well, but engage that reality with SPACE not with entanglement. In other words, do not space out or check out of reality; engage your reality with your sensitivity to the vast space of the unified field of quantum reality.

The next step is to remain kindly welcoming this space around you, remain engaged in your here and now activity or conflict, but then allow that space to penetrate your senses. Space within the sense of smell. Space within the sense of taste. Space within the sense of sound. Space within the sense of silence. Space within the sense of seeing. In other words, do not ignore, reject, or dismiss that distant sound you were focusing on, just add more space on top of your sensory engagement with it. Continue sitting with this process for as long as you wish and sense your own divinity filling that space and expanding it.

Now, Dream Space

After reading The Magdalena Manuscript, I had an ecstatic dream on full moon night. Whales were making love. Deep down, sea creatures merged in intimacy in their own quiet corner of the sea. At the moment of their ecstatic union, they sprouted enormous wings out of their backs. Whale wings with enormous feathers, feathers as delicate as those of the silk moth, yet so strong and invincible as to be able to lift a whale. The whale couple swam to the surface of the ocean and then together they took flight. Flying whales with sea water cascading off their shimmering feathers as they flew through the air. When I woke from that dream back into this human dream, my laughter and tears shook the bed and soaked the blankets. I imagined my husband was here, and he turned to me and asked, are you okay? I imagined that I said to him, we are whales with wings; our wings can manage this heavy load; in fact, the load is not really that heavy. We are light. We are light. We are whales of light, and we can fly.

Reprogram the Subconscious Mind

During the full moon, it is good practice to cleanse the subconscious mind, and the best way to do this is meditation.

Here is a simple technique Yogi Bhajan taught: Inhale and hold the breath and mentally repeat: I am beautiful. I am bountiful. I am blissful. Exhale and hold the breath out and repeat: Excel. Excel. Fearless. Continue this pattern for three minutes. Then rest.

While you rest, imagine Mary Magdalen gently stroking your forehead. Tenderly as a Mother or as a Lover, whichever you feel you need now.

In a quiet voice, she asks you to repeat after her these words:

I claim the royal divinity of my soul. I accept the royal divinity of my soul. I dwell in the royal divinity of my soul.

I claim the royal divinity of my courage. I accept the royal divinity of my courage. I dwell in the royal divinity of my courage.

I claim the royal divinity of my compassion. I accept the royal divinity of my compassion. I dwell in the royal divinity of my compassion.

Photo by David McEachan on

Yogis say that a person become whatever she repeats over and over. What you repeat, you shall become. So repeatedly proclaim, “I am divine.”

Gaze at the moon. Dwell in divine consciousness.


Sat Naam!