About Yogi Ma


Yogi Ma is a spiritual name that reminds me to live as a mother to the world. My daughter gave me this name. I also go by the name Rebecca Jane.

I am currently studying yoga philosophy and Sanskrit. I am a writer and a yoga practitioner. My interest in deep spiritual inquiry and potentials of human consciousness and creativity began when I was an introverted child. I write fiction, essays, and memoir. For fun, I play Hang drum and piano. Completing a Master of Arts degree at Columbia University in East Asian Languages and Cultures proved to be an exciting and fulfilling time in my life. For years, I taught English as a Second Language and Yoga. I have over 1,000 hours of training and experience as a yoga and meditation teacher. I love to recite mantras and keep several dozen mantras and devotional songs as my closest companions.   

These days, I work for Embodied Philosophy as a Senior Course Host and Community Storyteller.

I am a member of the San Diego Writers’ Guild and have published fiction in their anthology, The Gilded Pen. I facilitate a weekly offering through the San Diego Writers Ink called “Meditate and Write Flash.”

My two daughters, Selena and Zaydah, are brave, musical, funny, and wise. I am thoroughly enjoying raising them. In all my life adventures, nothing tops hanging out with these girls. Our favorite things to do together include reading, traveling to Chicago and Guangzhou, China to visit grandparents, walking the dog (Homer), baking cookies, goofing off, watching movies, and playing board games.   

Thank you for reading this blog.