All feelings aside now for this moment, regard Premka and Yogi Bhajan as absolute equals in all ways; men and women are equals under divine law. Within yourself, please create a very intense sense of union. Be in a state of yoga. Sun and moon united. Heaven and Earth united. Good and bad. Up and down. In and out. All united. Dwell in unity consciousness. Anger and bliss united. Yogi Bhajan and Pamala Dyson united. Men and Women united. Masculine and Feminine united. Your whole inner being unified. Collective consciousness unified. Remain with this one space.

Cosmic Mothers Meditation 1

Meditation for Being Within and Being Without the “Golden Cage.”

Be comfortable in a seated position with a tall spine. Close your eyes and keep them focused on the Third Eye point between the eyebrows. Keep your hands resting on your knees in Gyan Mudra (index finger and thumbs touch). Breathe slowly and deeply so that the breath feels eternal. Eternal inhale. Eternal exhale. Breathe more and more slowly with each breath. Breathe so slowly that it is as if you are not breathing at all. And just listen, listen, listen. Listen as if your ears are God’s ears and you can hear every prayer. Try to match the slowness of each breath to the slowness of the opening of a rose. When you reach a state of timelessness, internally roar these words: Be Free!

Inhale deeply and release a long Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh sound followed by a quiet hum!

Sing yourself a lullaby.



Beloved Creatrix playing and laughing everywhere, may every consciousness in every realm and dimension feel absolutely unified in realizing Men and Women are absolutely equal; they have equal rights under the divine law, which was true in the beginning, is true now, and shall forever and ever be true. Amen.

© Rebecca Jane Johnson Yogi Ma All Rights Reserved, 2020

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