Mass Peace Liberates Many Communities Again

SAN DIEGO—An every-day yogi, chanting alone in her warm, dark basement this morning, said she felt the ecstasy of the universe vibrating in every cell of her body while she participated with thousands of yogis across the globe in celebrating a daily yoga ritual of repeating Japji Sahib, Meditation of the Soul.

January 1, 2016 began with a Global Sadhana sponsored by five different organizations, including Spirit Voyage, 3HO International, Kundalini Research Institute, Sikh Dharma International, and SikhNet.

These organizations are combining their energies and wisdom in a mass creative collaboration. For the first forty days of 2016, yogis will chant and reflect on this sacred poem that was composed by Guru Nanak, a yogi sage from 15th Century India.  Anyone who wishes to explore the power of chanting Japji Sahib can dive right in and enjoy a rich experience with full support from longtime practitioners.  One need not be Sikh or a Yogi to experience the power and many benefits of this meditation.

The Global Sadhana strives to serve this practice to all people who feel inspired to participate; so, the teachings and daily reflections on this practice are offered in five different languages: Chinese, English, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Yogis who have been practicing Spirit Voyage’s Global Sadhanas for years say that this particular Global Sadhana has so many gifts to offer everyone who practices and will even work to bless those who don’t practice. It even helps to bless those who don’t want to be blessed.  And its a pure, offered gift–no pressure, no strings, no cost, no proselytizing.  This practice is for those who choose to initiate themselves into a pathway to self mastery and peace consciousness.

“This is far and away the liveliest incidence of mass bliss, peace, sweetness, and consciousness I’ve yet experienced in all my soul’s days and nights,” said Surjot Kaur, a Kundalini Yoga instructor and devoted practitioner in San Diego.

While counterterrorist officials, police officers, and prime ministers are still asleep, yogis are awake. While plots and threats and attacks are held at bay, yogis stimulate the meridians on the upper palates inside their mouths.  While intelligence agents, soldiers, and media moguls continue to snooze soundly in their beds, yogis navigate the waves of the sacred sound current.

While family and friends remain cozy, slumbering in their skivvies, Yogis remain wide awake! Yogis will continue to chant, and they will continue to hold the space for peace.  They will continue to be victorious because Truth is on their side.

Peace is true in the beginning. Peace is true through the ages.  Peace is true even now.  Oh, Beloved Friends, forever and ever, peace shall be.

Sat Nam!

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